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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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In this part of the book provides guidelines for writing an essay than can argue a specific position. The book presents an example called Black Friday: Consumerism Minus Civilization by Andrew Leonard. The article is arguing that advertising for the after Thanksgiving sales has gone to far. At the end of the section the book also gave me some key features that my essay should have. Also at the end of the section it helped me how to choose a topic and how to organize your draft.

Andrew Leonard is arguing that advertising has gone to far. We are out of control when we, Check out smartphones for last minute online deals while standing in line for a chain store opening at midnight on Thanksgiving(133). I do support it because as the economy is struggling, we as the people need to find good deals but the way that this annual sale is presented is becoming extremely exaggerated.

The author does himself more believable by agreeing with vigorous sprees of retail spending but also calling Black Friday a psychotic spasm (135) because of the truth of both sides that he is arguing. He ends his argument strongly supporting his main idea that things have gotten out of control.

I personally have never been part of black Friday because I love thanksgiving dinner and I enjoy being with my family more than buying cheep things. What I have heard was that a lot of thing go on sale for a very cheep price. For example my cousin bought like five pairs of name brand dress pants for a very cheep price. It seems to be a good sale for those who need it.

Conniving evidence is important in your position because it offers reasons in your paper. Convincing evidence would be things such as facts, statistics, expert testimonies, anecdotal evidence, case studies and textual evidence. In the article we read it is presented in the videos. It demonstrated how excessive the advertisements had become. I think that case studies would be the best because I would just have to look up. It would also be interesting to get an experts testimony.

I actually dont know what I would want too talk about because I just never do. Its a problem I have about choosing topics. Im not very good at doing that. At this point in the semester I have improved on organizing my essays.

When I would begin I think I would like to give some background information. To end I would like to give a call for action just because I want the reader to make a change.

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