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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Reality TV is something that you are seeing more of today. Reality television is when people or celebrities are filmed living there normal everyday lives and are undertaking specific challenges (Farlex Inc., 2012). Reality television attracts many viewers and has become more popular over the past few years. Some shows you may have even heard of are the shows known as 16 and pregnant, Jersey Shore, Hoarders, and extreme couponing. These are all examples of some very popular realty television shows that are aired regularly.

Some shows like Teen Mom or 16 and pregnant focus on teenagers that become pregnant and the struggles they are facing as a teenager with a child. These shows are to focus on the consequences of having unprotected sex but sometimes they are viewed as rewarding teen pregnancy. The shows like Hoarders are based on families who have a problem with not throwing anything way which in turn causes clutter and a big mess. So they have people come out and help the people get rid of unneeded stuff and choose healthier habits and make it so they are living in a better environment. Now Extreme Couponings is about people who gather tons of coupons and buy things at the store very cheap. This show has definitely set a trend, because of this show you see more people in lines at stores with a whole book of coupons. This show has shown people how to walk out the store with ten items for 5 cents.

Some examples of why these shows may be popular are because they are exciting ,and they are similar to what life is really like. Reality TV is not some fantasy or unrealistic show we like to watch and wish our life was like theirs. Instead reality television is something we watch and think wow that is crazy, that person is crazy. Some of the stuff you see on these television shows is outrageous and it allows us to feel more comfortable with the things we do in our daily lives. When you see a whole bunch of teenagers having children or a whole bunch of crazy drunk people it somehow brings you to the realization that maybe your life is not as bad as you thought it was.

There are also many other factors in why realty TV shows are so popular. The drama is probably the biggest factor as well as the WOW factor. Many viewers cannot believe that people get paid for filming such things but yet they are stuck to their TV screens watching. Reality television comes in different varieties which is another factor in its popularity, reality TV being so expansive reaches out to a number of different viewers. People interested in partying are able to view people like that as well as there are shows about doctors and about bidding on unknown items. Because there are different shows ranging from A-Z it causes more people to watch reality television which enhances reality televisions popularity. Reality television also has endurance, and it has many different personalities, as well as it always keeps it viewers wanting more. These are all superior examples of why reality television is so popular and why it continues to grow.

One show that has been really successful on television is Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore has been a very successful and popular realty TV hit because of its drama and the craziness of the characters on the show. Snooki would have to be one of the main characters that have attracted viewers with her bad attitude and her drunken behavior. Let alone how wild and free she acts. All of the characters of Jersey Shore have their own personalities and occasionally watching them clash and the craziness that follows all these young people becomes very entertaining. Seeing them argue, cry, party, and laugh with each other is plenty of the reason for why it has become such a popular show. Jersey Shore gives their viewers the entertainment they are looking for.

Reality television is becoming more successful and television producers are making investments on reality television. Some reason television producers would invest in reality television is because it is cheaper than hiring actors and creating a television show. With reality television all you have to do is hire people and record their behavior and everyday life. Some of the script is probably written but there are many of things about reality TV that is not written into script and that causes for more entertainment. Other reasons producers are interested in investing in reality TV is because it does bring in good profits. People watch reality TV and it receives hits. Realty television brings money in because it is entertaining and viewers continue to watch, which brings rating on shows up and the producers get paid very decent money for investing in these shows.

Some of the similarities between dramas and sitcoms are that they both bring in viewers. Drama is a lot of what is seen in sitcoms as well which makes them similar. Drama is different emotions and sitcoms are filled with different emotions and that is part of the reason for why they are so popular. Everybody enjoys a good laugh, a good fight, and you know it is good if it brings a tear to your eye every so often. This is entertainment and this is what dramas and sitcoms are all about.

The differences between sit coms and dramas are the way they are presented. Dramas are well planned scripted productions. It takes more time and money to air a television drama then what it does to air a sit com. Sit coms are more or less people being hired just to put a camera in their face to be filmed doing whatever they do. Sometimes sit coms have scripts as well but there are made to appear non scripted and are made to seem realistic. Dramas take more time and planning then sit coms and seem more picture perfect then sit coms.

There are many reasons for why reality television is so popular and why producers would invest in it. There are many shows that catch viewers eyes daily and raise the ratings of these shows which make realty TV even more popular. Reality TV as said before has many different personalities; it has variety, and endurance all of which builds on its popularity. Realty television is like an escape from reality and allows you to view your life in a different way because the stuff you view on television sometimes can seem so much more outrageous then what you are used to. That is why realty television is so popular and why realty television continues to grow and become more popular over time, it is filled with what viewers like you want to keep you coming back for more.

what makes reality TV so popular

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