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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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The factors and stimulants to the fast food industry discussed in the paper have highlighted certain aspects in the company policies that need to be revised for better and effective brand positioning of Back Yard Burgers. The strategic changes recommended in the paper are summarized below: ¢ Brand awareness and brand recognition campaign using Fun logo that spells great time to the consumer segment. ¢ Aggressive market campaign to promote consumer traffic using catchy slogans that appeals to the youngsters and children.

¢ Bright color scheme for the restaurant interiors, uniform in pattern and layout across all outlets to ensure visibility and consumer retention. ¢ Spearheading changes in the restaurant operations integrating fast food service features with menu offerings of a full serviced restaurant. ¢ Event catering and home delivery concepts can be introduce to popularize the company products and services. ¢ Flexible offerings in price to suit all levels of consumer segment. ¢ Regular adaptations to the menu card to retain consumer interest. ¢ Introduction of healthier options in the menu card to cater to the health conscious consumers.

Conclusion The rapid changes in the consumer behavior drive the fast food industry business. Rising incomes, and changes in the lifestyles of the people are the stimulants to this change in food culture. From traditional home cooked meals to ready to eat over the counter burgers and sandwiches the eating habits of the Americans have changed drastically. Back Yard Burgers started with one outlet in the year 1987 and moved on to 183 outlets by the year 2007 the expansion is quite dramatic. But the success story could have been even more dramatic if the company had followed a different operational strategy.

The loopholes in their existing strategy is quite evident at this stage when the management realizes the potential that the company had to expand and conquer the fast food industry segment. But its not too late to make the amends and bring out the true potential that the company has to overcome the stiff competition from market giants like McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King. All that is required is a little foresightedness and a flexibility to adapt to the changing market trends.

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