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A person who comes up with the certain idea to run the business or one who make efforts to gain the profit to the company is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Here, Robin Hood plays a role of a CEO. CEO is not the only person who runs the organisation but, there are members get hired who supports to achieve the goals and objectives or vision and mission of the organisation.

In this scenario Robin Hood had four main persons who were supporting him by handling various departments such as Finance, HR, Purchasing and the intelligence and theyre a lot of employee who supports him in his business but he was lacking to manage them. With the help from the following chart bifurcation of the members are as follows: Robin Hood (CEO) VISION AND MISSION

A person does anything to achieve something in the same manner an organisation that runs the business for a specific target for which they putting their efforts to achieve something which is known as Vision and to achieve the vision at the end of the specific period or one who achieve the goal or objective at the end of the visionary period is known as Mission. For any organisation Vision plays a most important role and mission works simultaneously. Vision of the organisation changes after a certain period depends upon the situation of the market or of the organisation.

Vision can be explained and defined in many ways. But, according to Benson Peter and Lansdell Sally vision is to achieve the certain targeted goal and objective in specific years to compete with the market. It is very important that for every person who is in the organisation including the top management of the company should work on the same and specific vision not for his/her personal benefit. Mission can also define and explained in many ways.

But, According to Catlin-legutko, and Cinnamon mission is nothing but the final goal or objective achieved by the organisation in such a way that after achieving it everyone should be benefited such as shareholders, investors, employees of the organisation, etc. ROBIN HOODS VISION AND MISSION As Robin knew that he has to start thinking of the survival in the business so he started to change in his own behaviour and strategy. His vision and mission was to come over the merchants or the rivals whom so ever comes between in his business so that he can still survive in the market and for his throne.

He was starting taking care of his employees and tries to make the people to join him and support him for his organisation. For which he introduce the tactics to steal from the rich and give it poor. But by doing this he would land up with much more enemies. People will stop trusting him and reputation in the market and even in the eyes of the people would be as a thief, that was not so much easy but, he made his efforts by using more different skills and techniques. Robin introduces the method of freight forwarding in which he acted as a middle man, so that his reputation in the market remains consistent.

He also became the banker purchasing the goods from them and selling at higher price by the way of tax. He also thought of killing the competitor but that was not so easy for him to do it. It is human behaviour that when they start losing their vision and mission cant be stable, they thing and utilise different techniques. In short mind flickers with different ideas does not remain constant, the same thing happened with the Robin Hood he thought of different ideas to survive or to exist in the market. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT

For any organisation to achieve the vision or mission the CEO must know the market condition and about the competitors internally and externally so that a company should know where it stands and matches up with the market condition or else they have to work out internally to achieve their specific goal. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH & WEAKNESS OF THE ROBIN HOOD ORGANISATION The main strength of the Robin that he had big vision. For which even he had a lot of manpower and can recruit or introduce and even attract people because of his brand image and can use then more into his business.

More manpower there will be efficient and motivated sales force. Looking at the manpower and the market condition of the business he can easily scare the competitors. As he had many manpower but he was not able to manage & utilise them properly. He was lacking to give them the basic needs such as food. Even he was facing the competition fear from the merchants. OPPORTUNITY & THREAT OF THE ROBIN HOOD ORGANISATION Robin main strength was his manpower. With that he can expand his existing business or enter into new business in different places and sector.

Opportunity to start carrying the employee their needs and create a carrying image so that they shouldnt leave him. As every coin has two sides, his manpower was his biggest threat, threat of losing them. Competitors or the rivals can take the benefit of the market because they have the other resources which Robin does not have. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES According to Bromiley Philip strategic objective means that focusing on the larger consumer in the market or facilitating them by providing best of quality product without much more spending on the product.

A company should improvise on their product design, productivity or on the production process and the development in the employee so that they can achieve their goal. As in the context with the Robin Hood organisation, he is facing lot of trouble in the business because there were many pot holes which need to sealed by efficient long term strategic planning which could help him at least to cover up with his need which are basic and this will help him to build a relationship with his employees. With this positive behaviour he will also get the support from the employees and he will get his work done as well.

If he wants to be successful and want to make his business profitable he has to depend upon the employee. I would suggest following strategic objectives to Mr. Robin Hood they are as follows: As he is the king seats on the throne he must be having lot of land, use that land for cultivation of your own food grains, own animals for farming, fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, building employee houses, etc facilitate them with everything so that they & you get dependent on each other. If the crop grows more than the expectation after giving to your entire employee so you can export and earn more money.

This will increase in your profit, market rate, your goodwill you will increase by every side of bit. Their will even increase in the economy rate. It will take time for the above things at least you can start escort services to the employee till the place where they can find their basic needs. Increase your business by purchasing the land of the other area utilising to your own expansion of business. You can also expand by giving freight forwarding services to the company. Giving your manpower on causality basis to the other firm which will help you to build up a business relationship.

You can implement new technique in archery and training should be given. This will help Robin Hood not only in the expansion of his business but also build a good & strong relationship with in the organisation and sustain balance in the market. MICHAEL PORTERS GENERIC STRATEGY MODELS Generic strategies means that a company adopts develop and implement a new business strategy to compete in the market with the competitor. Porter recommends this strategy to the bases of the generic strategy which will be the advantage for competitive gains. There are three types of generic strategic according to the Porter:

Each type is explained in detail as below: Low Cost According to the Porter Model Company implement the strategy of decreasing the price of the commodity so that consumer can buy their product at a cheaper rate compare to the others company commodity. Consumer feels that same product is been sold at the cheaper rate in comparison to other but, they does not know that this is all business strategy. Company reduces the quality of the product so that their manufacturing cost get reduce and can sell the same product at a cheaper rate to compete in the market with the another company.

They use this tactics to become the leader in the market of that certain product selling at the cheapest rate by decreasing the quality of the product. Differentiation Porter explains in this strategy that a company produces the product with the new idea, concept, features and attractive structure which never introduces in the market. The job of the marketing manager is tougher in this because the manager has to do a lot of proper detailed research in terms of quality, quantity and the price which they need to do business in the larger market. Basically a company as to introduce a dynamic or a unique product which has been never ever implemented in the market.

And should be implemented in such a way that they should satisfy the consumer needs and cover the entire large market. Focus Porter describes a special importance of the consumer to the firm. Wherein a firm concentrate and make attraction on a group or on a certain area people with their best of the quality of goods they have produced. Quality of the product plays a very important role in this context. In short, they grap the attention of the consumer by diverting them from the competitor product by giving them a special attention and importance of them in the company.

It is very much important for any organisation to satisfy, facilitate and provide best of goods & services to them, so that can compete with the other organisation in the market. It takes lot of efforts by the people to use best of their skills and techniques to come with a dynamic product which can replace the competitor products but not the need of the consumers. In the case of Robin Hood the appropriate strategy for them could be the differentiation strategy because this will help him to know the customers needs and wants personally. This will help them to increase and change their brand image in the market.

His company could be unique if he produces the unique product which replace with the competitor product but not the taste and value in the customer eyes. This will help him to create a goodwill and fame in the market and also profit will increase. Once goodwill is established than his brand name could be enough to increase the business and by this he can expand his business more by investing in the different areas such as freight forwarding. Farming, retail banking and much more. This will also help by creating a strong and trust relationship with the employee. This will create a good strength.

In the case of Robin Hood he needs to adopt and make changes in his business strategy which he will responsible towards his employee and most importantly towards his consumers. This will help him to increase and create goodwill in the eyes of the people and in the market which will help him to compete with the competitor. Need to have a new and fix vision and mission. Vision and mission which he will adopt should be in such a way that he would rise up with his financial way and become stable in the market. This will help him to come up with his weakness as well & can increase his strength. By creating a ethical business which will help him to create a trust in the eyes of the investors which will him to compete with rivals like Sheriff.

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