Safety as a YAFT Instructor Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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The collarbone fracture occurred by one of two mechanisms: during the downward or upward motion of the lift. During the downward motion, the client should . . . allow the bar to lower until it lightly touches the clavicle/anterior deltoids (NSCA, 2001, p. 52). The client may have racked weight that was too heavy and when he lowered the bar to attempt the lift, he lost control and the bar landed on his clavicle. The accident may have also occurred during the upward movement if the client had too much weight and was on the upward motion, but could not complete the lift and his arms gave out with the bar landing on his clavicle.

An injury to a client would result in many questions from the parents and fitness center owner. The main question would be why wasnt he supervised during the lift? The fitness center owner and parents will want to know what exactly you were doing when the injury occurred, and why there wasnt a designated spotter for the client if you were busy with other issues. A closely supervised program is one that is constantly monitored for exercise technique and safety. Closely supervised programs have spotters for all lifting exercises and monitors for cardio programs.

The client is never left alone to attempt exercises or make decisions about much weight to put on the rack without consultation with the Instructor. The clavicle injury could have simply been prevented with the use of a spotter during the lift. Exercise movements that warrant the use of a spotter are . . . when a bar or dumbbell moves over the head and face. . . (NSCA, 2001, p. 1). The expression It only takes a second means that in weightlifting, accidents happen very quickly. It only takes a second for a client to realize they are in trouble during a lift and not be able to correct, causing injury.

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