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Science and Technology: Biology Textbook 1

Single Author Book
Berg , L. R. (1997). Introductory botany: Plants, people, and the environment. Forth Worth, PA: Saunders College.
Book with Two or More Authors
Hickman, C. P. Jr., Roberts, L. S., & Larson, L. (1996). Integrated principles of zoology. Dubuque, IA: Wm. C. Brown.
Edition Other Than First (Republished Book)
Helfer, M. E., Kempe, R. S., & Krugman, R. D. (1997). The battered child (5th ed.). Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

An Edited Volume (Anthology or Reference Book)
Jones, S., Martin, R., & Pilbeam, D. (eds.). (1995). The Cambridge encyclopedia of human evolution. NY: Cambridge University Press. Book Without Author or Editor Listed
Science and Mathematics Education Manpower Development Project (SMEMDP). (1999). Sourcebook on practical work for teacher trainers: High School Biology (Vol. 2, final ed.). Quezon City: Author

Science and Technology: Biology Textbook 2

Secondary Resources
Smith, R. L., & Smith, T. M. (2001). Ecology and field biology (6th ed.). San Francisco: Benjamin Cummings.

Time-Life. (1994). Illustrated encyclopedia of science and nature. Hongkong: Time-Life Asia
Dissertation or Dissertation Abstract
Hostetter, Autumn B. (2008). Mind in motion: The gesture as simulated action framework (Doctoral dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison).
Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis database. (UMI No. 3327832).

Greenfeld, K.T. (2004, January 19). Averting an outbreak. Time International, 163 (2), 22-25.
Scholarly Journal
Baker, D. & Taylor, P. C. S. (1995). The effect of culture on the learning of Science in non-western countries: The results of an integrated research review. International Journal of Science Education. 17:6, 695-704. Science and Technology: Biology Textbook 3

Newspaper Articles, Editorials Letters to the Editor, etc. Park, A. (2009, Sept. 14). A shot at cancer. Time 174(10), 32-39. doi: 10.1037/0735-7036.122.4.441
Nonprint Resources (Film, Recording, Video, television or radio program, etc.) Arledge, E. (Producer & Director). (2009). Autism genes [DVD]. Available from

Classroom Lecture
Blampied, N. M. (2011). Learning and behaviour change [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from
Government Documents
National Institute of Mental Health. (2009). Anxiety disorders (NIH Publication No. 09-3879). Retrieved from National Institute of Mental Health website:
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