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Eagle Eye a 2008 action, sci-fi and thriller film directed by D. J. Caruso starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan. The story revolved around two strangers forced together out of nowhere by a mysterious telephone call. All of a sudden they became the target of the FBI and were suspected as terrorists. Jerry Shaw and Rachel Holloman were complete strangers that changed dramatically as an unknown woman called to threaten both their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Abruptly forced into a series of increasingly dangerous situations, they must follow orders from this woman capable of using modern technology to manipulate everybodys move. They must worked together in order to discover who has turned their lives upside down, and what they can do to foil the masterminds deceptive and evil plans. Along the way they are introduced to the woman, who is actually a top secret super power computer called ARIA tasked with gathering intelligence all over the world. Directors Profile Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, D.

J. Caruso studies Television Production at Pepperdine University. He interned at Disney Studios in the Product Placement department and later hooked up with Director John Badham, who mentored him into a second-unit director. He hooked up with writer Scott Rosenberg, who penned a short film for him entitled, Cyclops, Baby in 1997. The film helped launch Carusos directing career. His trade mark in his films was intense car crashes like in the movies Taking Lives (2004), Disturbia in 2007, and the latest, Eagle Eye movie of 2008. Actors and Cast

Shia LaBeouf known as Jerry Shaw a young slacker framed as a terrorist and also his late twin Ethan Shaw a Pentagon technician. Michelle Monaghan is Rachel Holloman, a single mother also framed up as a terrorist. Rosario Dawson became Zoe Perez, a government agent tracking the terrorist cell. Billy Bob Thornton played Thomas Morgan, the patriotic leader of an FBI team tracking the cell. Ethan Embry was Toby Grant, Morgans companion whom he assists in tracking the cell. Anthony Mackie role was Major Bowman, a soldier assigned to monitor the supercomputer.

Michael Chiklis was George Callister, the US Secretary of Defense and Cameron Boyce as Sam Holloman, Rachels musically-gifted son. Comments and Reviews Hollywood once again reunited director D. J. Caruso and Shia Labeouf after Disturbia became a surprise hit last year. They had the director, and they had the main lead, all that was left was the female, the action, and the story. The whole film features as a chase movie with some government phone tappings. Production began to use their favorite scenes from similar plotted films and just changed the characters and location.

Its unconvincing and unoriginal plot gave it a negative review. The casting and also the acting is satisfactory. It was a combination of action as there is a lot of chase, suspense and thrill and sci-fi because of the futuristic theme. It was very close to other movies involving terrorism and government conspiracy and evil plots. Many complain about the terrible story and the countless rip off from movies like I, Robot, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and even Live Free or Die Hard to some extent. The movie is entertaining though, especially to the fans of the lead characters.

It is full of suspense yet the story is very predictable and too familiar. It was given a C or average rating by many reviews. The title Eagle Eye seemed appropriate for the main theme of the movie and that was surveillance of people with the use of modern technology. Work Cited Eagle Eye (2008). The Internet Movie Database. 27 October 2008. Eagle Eye (2008). MSN Movies. 27 October 2008. Gutierrez, Oscar. Eagle Eye Movie Review. 28 September 2008. Moviefilmreview. Com 29 October 2008.

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