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Published: 2020-01-25 19:51:29
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Another example of this is no children asked him what it was oclock this suggests that even children was scared to ask him a basic question like what time was it. Scrooge liked people avoiding him, this was because they always asked him for money, that he never had for poor people, an example of this was it was the very thing he liked this suggests that scrooge knew he wasnt liked and he didnt want to change that.

Scrooges attitude towards people was very negative, scrooge didnt like people because they were all poor and asking him for money, also because he was rich, he thought he was better than them all. Scrooge treats his clerk as a slave, dickens shows this by using strong actions and language towards him, an example of this is he was cold working in scrooges counting house, but warmer than scrooge this suggests the clerk is warmer inside than scrooge and his counting house, dickens uses this to compare the clerk with scrooge and his counting house, to show the reader how he is different.

Also scrooge doesnt respect his clerk in what he needs to work in a comfortable environment, a quote that shows the conditions that scrooges clerk worked in while he worked for scrooge. Another example of scrooges actions towards his clerk, is his clerk had to work every day of the year and he had to ask if he could get Christmas day off to spend with his family, even this small thing, the clerk wanted so much, scrooge wouldnt accept, because he didnt like christmas himslef, but he came around as he told his clerk to be in work the next moring.

Scrooges nephew was far more different than his uncle, a qoute that shows this is a merry christmas! God save you, this qoute shows that his nephew is alot more happier and upbeat about christmas than scrooge. As his nephew is the only family he has left to turn to, scrooge pushes him away, because he doesnt trust any human being. Scrooges nephew tries to give more of a positive feeling towards christmas, for instance come dine with us tomorrow significantly , this shows his nephews generosity, by offering to spend christmas day with him.

In the novel, dickens uses different appearances and attitudes between scrooge and his nephew. Dickens describes scrooges nephew as handsome and a ruddy face that wa all in glow, also his eyes sparkled and breath smoked again, dickens described him like this, so the reader could get a visual picture of what he looks like, also he is described the oppisite of scrooge, so it gets people wondering how he is related to scrooge, when they have nothing in common.

Scrooge tries to put his nephew down, because he doesnt like christmas, an example of this is what right have you got to be merry, what reason have you to be merry, your poor enough although this may have been hurtful to hear off a member of family, scrooges nephew turned it around, what reason have you got to be dismal, what reason have you to be morose?

Youre rich enough this suggests that even though his nephew is poor, he still has the christmas spirit, and no-one can take it away from him. Furthermore, scrooge is rich and soesnt like christmas, which implys people dont have to be rich or poor to have a good christmas spirit. Scrooge shows a negative attitude towards christmas, this may of been caused by his childhood, when he was neglected by his father when he was young and didnt experience christmas in a family.

Scrooges attitude towards christmas is entirely different from his family members and other people, an example of this is his own saying, bah humbug this is a familar saying that scrooge says alot in the novel, dickens uses this phase alot, to emphasise scrooges attitude to christmas. Furthermore, in the novel, Scrooge had no feelings toward his family or friends and held a strictly professional relationship with them, creating a hostile bond between them. For example, the clerks wife does not like the idea have toasting to Scrooge because of the way he treats his long time employee.

Dickens shows different themes that society should learn to live by everyday and not just holidays or special occasions. Scrooge learns these lessons with the visit of three spirits and a journey into his painful past and future so he could see his attitude towards people; this allows him to change and create a new path for himself other than the one set out. The novel makes readers aware of their personal attitudes and presents a way to change for the better.

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