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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Ive been told that waiting for something or someone that you love is the best thing that someone could do. Well hearing that I took it to heart and kept it true, after losing the love of my life Alyssa Bara I knew that I had made a huge mistake and I would regret it for the rest of my life¦ June 10th 2010 was probably one of the best dates that I can remember; it was the first time that I talked to the most amazing girl ever. Around 8:00pm I had gotten on Facebook to update my status because I was so amazed that at the end of summer I would be going to Dallas for a basketball tournament with my team the San Antonio Jayhawks. But soon after I had logged on I received a message from a girl that I normally didnt talk to but I gave high fives to everyday in middle school. The message read Hey, we never talk but I think we should start here is my number 210-xxx-xxxx I was shocked I wasnt expecting that to happen because I had noticed her but never had those feelings toward her like I do now but I took the opportunity to meet and get to know a new person. Fast forward like 5 weeks and now its June 19th, her birthday.

By this time I was having feelings for her like none stop and I couldnt stop thinking about her I was literally falling head over heels for her, but she was leaving me well not for good but she was going on a cruise for like a week and that meant that she would not be able to use her phone at all. So I was going to be miserable but by the grace of god she still had some service out there so I still talked to her and thought about her cute laugh and sweet voice. a week went by quick so I could finally hear the voice of the girl that I just now started crushing on, and oh boy did I take advantage of talking to her lol. Im pretty sure that I was on the phone for at least 4 hours with her, but only for that one day because well I had to take flight for Dallas that next morning so I was sad again. But I was still able message her since I had my phone at the time. So over the duration of my trip I tried to figure out a way to tell her I liked her but couldnt figure anything out till about the third day in Dallas.

On that third day I had just got back from a basketball game and I was exhausted but I knew that my crush had been waiting for me to get back so I texted her, but this text wasnt any regular text, today was going to be the day that I told her how I feel about her. I waited till about 8:00 when it was starting to get dark and I started the text that would change my life forever. Just send it Brandon its just a message is what I told myself as I sat there with a nervous look. After like 15 mins of debating whether I should send it or not, I finally got the courage¦ Bing the phone went notifying me that the message has been sent and the message I sent reading Im scared of the dark can I sleep with you.

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