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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Human Behavior is critical to organizations discuss the benefits of self evaluation/self assessment as it related to leaders today. Without a complete set of knowledge understanding human behavior will be a great challenge to well conduct an organization. Organizations are composed of individuals with different traits, values, motives and perceptions. This situation makes understanding Human Behavior in the management of organization as a full activity of leaders in their day to day self assessment.

Thus, it is very fundamental to implement set of tools to understand human behavior as the existence of organization depends on its employees. Previous theories of organization and management considered individuals as they have the same aspirations but modern theories of human behavior are based upon the differences among employees and how those differences can affect the organization.

Leaders today set self assessment tools to find out why some employees are motivated to works which means a better predisposition to well perform the job in order to achieve objectives, goal and vision and others employees not motivated at all. Thus, leaders face some concerns and challenges which they can never cope without implementing a set of self assessment skills. Self evaluation develops and support leaders ability to serve effectively. Another theory based on Leadership steps assessment (LSA) set six concepts as tool of self assessment.

These six principles of effective leadership constitute of a clear set of personal values, vision of future, assessment of others in term of their potential capabilities, organizing work environment in order to perform efficiently, relentless of leader and measuring and celebrating progress provide leader with a clear signals on where they are weak and how to correct these weaknesses. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator provides also more insight for leader self assessment where many benefits could be gained in Team Forming Strategy.

How Introverts or Extroverts style of leadership had to set efficient team according to their personality when dealing with a problem solving case. Knowing the Type of personnel as tool of self assessment for leader is very important because by determining what characteristics will make for effective job performance, it can aid in personnel selections by increasing understanding of how personality and job characteristics interact it can result in better hiring, promotion decision and by providing insights into personality development it can help to anticipate, recognize and prevent to operate costly defenses by organizational members.

Robert (2005) believes that Entering the fundamental state of leadership described under four steps of self evaluation/self assessment could help to become more effective leader by releasing positive emotions when he recalled a faced great challenges compared to new possibilities for the current situation, analyzing your current state and by questioning oneself these questions: Am I results centered? Am I Internally directed? Am I other focused? Am I externally open? The way you lead when crisis forces you to tap into your deepest values and instincts.

In this state, your instinctively know what to do: you rise to the occasion and perform at your best. Leader self assessment will help to know areas of competency that a leader can use for success and enable them to decide which areas to develop, to minimize impact of weaknesses, understand how your actions and focus creates an environment which enables people to perform at their best and enable to focus on the areas which are critical to the development of a high performance work environment.

Identify respondents and ask for feedback 2- Recognize patterns 3- Compose your self-portrait 4- And redesign your job Conclusions: Benefits of self evaluation/ self assessment as it related to leaders today are fundamentals for reaching the state of effective leader and efficient management. When you know yourself and you know individual managing with you, you gain time and your react adequately when changes occur. You form and managing easily your winning team. Q2. Prejudice can be hurtful and destructive discuss how you can personally reduce prejudice in your workplace please provide an example.

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