Self-Disclosure Peer Review Essay

Published: 2020-02-17 06:20:53
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In the field of psychiatry, self-disclosure is only limited on the side of the therapist because the purpose of the session is to elicit as much information as the therapist can from the client. This is necessary so as to effectively provide solutions for the clients psychological problems. If the therapist would inject self-disclosing moments during the session, this can either make the client feel insignificant and incompetent. However, if self-disclosure would be used appropriately, it can further enhance the session thus speeding up the process.

In line with this, I think if a therapist decides to disclose personal experiences or information to the client, caution must always be in mind. Clients should be treated gently as if they are always in a vulnerable state. Through this, additional problems or conflicts can be prevented from manifesting. Post No. 2 by Meagan Bowser I agree with what the learner have posted about self-disclosure. This method should be utilized correctly and it should be implemented at the right time. Therapists must always put the clients first before themselves during sessions so as to emphasize that the focus are the clients and not the therapists.

However, since people are distinct from one another using self-disclosure as a tool to resolve problems can have varying results. A certain approach for a specific client may not be applicable to another client. More so, is it appropriate for therapists to make up information in order to show empathy? For example, if a therapist has no experience or any idea about the situation of the client, can the therapists create fictional experiences so as to make the clients feel that they are not alone? Will this gesture be ethical or not?

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