Self-esteem and Self-image Essay

Published: 2020-02-14 23:50:47
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If we feel good about ourselves that may lead us to brighter futures and an enjoyable life, or it may lead to dilemma and problems in managing or surviving in life. Influences on self-concept Age Age makes a huge dissimilarity to the way children illustrate themselves and to the way adults think about their lives. Our self-concept grows and changes as we grow older. When you are in a young age you are not as much anxious about the way you illustrate them selves, but when you are more mature and elder you are more conscious.
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Appearance Somewhere between 10 and 12 years of age, children start to analyse the ways which they are alike or not like others. The physical shape of our body, our height, weight, hair, eyes and skin colour all have an influence on our self image. Most people especially teenagers believe that there is an ideal image. When we view ourselves as good looking and give ourselves positive images this builds up our self-esteem, whereas giving ourselves a negative image then it may make us feel awful or affect our self-esteem.

Gender Basic matters such as sexual characteristics and civilization will be most important reasons why a person creates a self-image. Most people arrive at a specific age which they start to decide that they do not like or feel comfortable in the gender that they are. For examples: homosexuals. Culture and Socialisation People produce an icon of themselves based on information obtainable in their background. People have diverse traditions and ways of thinking, this consist of the following: Different beliefs about marriage, for instants, dissimilar faiths and neighbourhoods have different viewpoints about marriage and sex

Media People may judge themselves with the representations of other people depicted in the media. Media represents things like internet sites, magazines, television, newspapers, music, radio and DVDs. Families choose what they feel is appropriate media for the children, but as we grow older we began to become independent and choose what we feel is appropriate for us to watch. Income Developing in a Low-income household may persuade a persons self-image and self-esteem. This can persuade an individuals self-concept because of the opportunities connected with our familys income.

Relationships with family and friends Self-image and Self-esteem is extremely influenced by family members and friends. This is because of the way we are spoken to and the ways are families and friends act around us. If an individual gets along with their family and friends, they may feel love and wanted by them. Abuse If a person is mistreated this may damage the view of themselves and my end up with a low self-esteem, they may insolate themselves and finish off by taking their own lives.

Education Learning success may manipulate a persons self-esteem. Later in life we experience life at college and university, this also verifies change and what we think about ourselves and others, having a good education may let students have easy access to a well-paid job. Emotional health and well-being Poor emotional health may produce trouble with self-concept. The way we see ourselves is influenced by our school. But later on in life we may experience change in the way we see ourselves for the reason that we have different college and university friends. Environment The area we live in may persuade us to see ourselves in a different way, e.g. we may feel that we are different from people who receive good income and receive good quality education and health.

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