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Published: 2020-02-08 21:31:22
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Coming into college I knew writing was my main weakness. It was something in school that no matter how hard I worked at it I just never seemed to get the hang of it. I knew USEM focused on writing, reading, and speaking, so I was very eager to get the opportunity to better my writing skills with a university professional. I feel that over the year my writing skills have vastly improved and I truly am excited to see where I will be in the coming years.

With my first assignment analyzing the picture of food I was honestly stuck on where to even begin. It was so difficult for me to find remotely anything to start writing about and I was stuck. I struggled through the short paper and I feel the end product was quite unsatisfactory. When it comes to the diagnostics we do from class to class I feel like I have vastly improved and I am so happy about that.

In regards to my speaking skills I feel I posses a very high ability to speak in front of people. Im a very social person and I dont have a problem talking in front of people. Ironically, until the age of about 14 I was terrified to talk in front of people at all. I have truly worked on it to work out that fear behind me. Knowing that speaking is one of my strengths, I still look forward to improving my writing skills throughout next term and the remainder of the year.

I feel like my participation in the class was quite good. When it came to our impromptu presentations I was always one of the first to go and I was always engaged in everybody elses presentation. I respect the views of my classmates on all issues. I really enjoy taking my standing on a topic and comparing it to those around me and seeing why they look at it from that angle. I was on time to every class except one day and I was sick. I dont like missing classes because being behind is one of the worst things in my opinion.

In coming terms I need to improve on getting extra help outside of class. I didnt utilize office hours as often as I should and I need to work on that. I know that it is very helpful and I need to truly begin to take advantage of that help as I feel like it will give me the push I need to take my education to the next level. That is my biggest goal in coming terms and I feel like if I can accomplish that, I will have no problems with participation in this course.

So far I feel like I have been decently successful in college. My ability to turn in assignments and get them in on time has improved greatly from high school and I am so happy about that. I understand that as soon as I am able to reach out to Solly outside of class I should be set on the right track to truly being successful in college and I truly cannot wait to see the progress I make in the coming terms.

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