Sexuality and Value Systems Checkpoint Essay

Published: 2019-11-25 08:22:43
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Category: Human sexuality

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Answer the following: Which value system or systems discussed in the text do you most relate to? Explain your answer with at least a 200 word count.

After reading the text, the most important value a person could have is the ability to have Sexual knowledge and critical thinking skills. This will allow us to be ready for whatever situation we might be put into and how we must react to conquer the situation. Everyone has different sexual value systems most of our systems have more than one preference. If I was to talk about myself, and who I am today I would say I been in a long term relationship have a child already so I know how important it is to be responsible. I am still young so I do not want any more children at the time being. That is why I and my girlfriend are safe we use protection, the type we use is birth control.

Both of us are not against abortions, and we both believe if it has to be done do it. Everyone embraces a wide variety of sexual encounters and the sexual values we develop are uniquely designed for our individuality. I would say that I am more modern and open when it comes to sex. I like to experiment and try new things that can not only pleasure myself, but my sexually partner. In return I feel this allows both of us to be satisfied with one another and that is what keeps our intimate bond strong.

I have never been one to judge people who prefer to have sex after marriage I am not one of them though. I have always been about premarital sex within a relationship, but also outside of them too. I was shy growing up, so I did not have many girlfriends so my sexual encounters were mostly a one night fling. I been with my girlfriend for quite some time now in the beginning a relationship was something new to me. I never thought that my sexual values would change, and I would be as accepting and happy as I am.

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