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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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1.) Ann Lamott is a writer that struggles just like anybody else and whose life is not perfect by any means. She tells us how nobody can sit down and write a perfect first draft and it is okay to write a shitty first draft. They give us ways to sit down and just write the first draft and keep writing till you run out of thought, she then tells us to make revisions to the first draft with a red pen then type your second draft, last but not least make more corrections the your 2nd draft and just write away on your 3rd and final draft. She told us about the voices and all the thoughts that were in her head correcting her paper and how the hypnotist told her to just get rid of them by putting them in a mason jar and just write. 2.) Lamotts audience is anybody who is trying to write a paper. The purpose of this is to help these people overcome their fear and nervousness of not being able to complete the paper. 3.) Lamott uses these writing strategies:

A.) Personal experiences
* Uses the quote her father used for her brother bird by bird
* Looking at picture to motivate her to write
* How she overcame the voices that were in her head
B.) Reflections on writing
* Just sitting down and writing Shitty first draft
* Correcting first draft
* Not listening to others
C.) Inclusive writing style
* Made a connection not easy to write
* Doesnt like writers who its easy for
* Talks about how it is okay to fail the first draft because nobody will read it or the 2nd one but they will read the final
D.) Visual Design
* Image of the people as rats in the mason jar
* Image of the food she is writing about
* Focus on not being perfect the first time

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