Should Animal Testing Be Banned Essay

Published: 2020-01-22 07:01:57
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Despite the success in medical development nowadays, there is a humongous cost paid off behind the progress of the scientific achievement ” Animal testing, which has always been a controversial issue over the past few decades. The term Animal testing can be referred as the use of non-human animals in research and development projects, especially for purposes of determining the safety of substances such as foods or drugs. Personally speaking, I would definitely disagree to the prohibition of animal testing. This essay can be argued that animal testing should be maintained and continued. The reasons for this can be discovered in three aspects scientific research, medical advances and benefits on more lives on earth.

Scientific research on medicine has always been successfully done through animal testing. However, there are still numerous incurable diseases which need to be figured the cures out. Thus, it is inevitable to undergo animal testing in order to tackle the problem since scientists and researchers will be able to find out ways to help saving lives of both animals and humans by testing lifesaving drugs and process. Besides, the experiments are basically making use of animals in experiments carried out for the betterment of human lives, and even the animals themselves.

Hence, according to the scientific research, medical advances have made a marvelous contribution to maintain the lives on earth. In fact, a few animals tend to react the same way like humans in response to certain diseases and allergies and this provides a clue for the scientists to track down the cures for certain diseases by studying animals. For example, open heart surgeries, coronary bypass surgery and heart transplantation are some of the procedures that came into existence by carrying out experimentation on dogs. Besides, contagious diseases like smallpox, measles, etc. were brought into control due to vaccines made experiments on animals. Moreover, according to the scientific report, about 99% of the human genes are similar to that of the chimpanzees as well as a few other monkeys. Therefore, experimenting with these animals gives scientists an idea about their possible reaction in the human body. As it is immoral to experiment on humans, chimpanzees and other monkeys remain the only posterior option.

Some may argue strongly over the inhumanity of animal testing. However, apart from benefiting humans, animals are tested for the advantages of themselves as well. The fact has always been overlooked that many breakthroughs may occur in veterinary medicine from experiments so that scientists are able to invent the animal antibiotics and operate animal surgeries. Also, the animal trials help in figuring out the safety of drugs on human and do minimize the chances of human death during clinical trials, saving pharmaceutical and medical organizations millions of dollars in compensation. Moreover, some particular animals are actually bred specifically for carrying out experiments, for instance, mice and rabbits. They usually reproduce so quickly which enables the researchers an opportunity to work on the effects of testing on progeny as well.

To summarize, although animal testing is often blamed for the inhumanity on animals, it is always accountable with the successful scientific research, great progress on medicine and most importantly, the advantages on more lives on earth through animal experiments to prevent more death due to the incurable diseases. Consequently, the blamed inhumane testing on animals are no longer surmountable in foreseeable future. Nevertheless, for the sake of saving more lives of both humans and animals, I absolutely support the maintenance of the animal testing.

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