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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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From a religious point of view, science and tech should be managed, as the advancement in science and technology has led to the encroachment of religions worldwide. Major religions have held onto the belief that all life is sacred; greatly valuing the sanctity of life, however, advancement into fields such as genetic engineering (which has led to stem cell research, and ultimately cloning) have effectively placed a tangible value to lives, and allowed man to play the role of God.

It can be noted that elective abortion, was made easier with the advancement of science and technology; women no longer have to go under the knife to remove their fetuses, a simple drug would do the trick. Is it really Mans role to play God, and to decide on the lives and deaths? A recent case in America, highlights the nightmare stem-cell research had became; a women, by the name of Nadya Denise Suleman, otherwise known as Octomom, had given birth to octuplets.

Normally the public at large would congratulate the mother on such a birth, and the safe delivery of her brood. Normally. So what had caused a public outcry and pickets outside her residence? The women had achieved this feat or disaster if you will, through artificial insemination. This is a woman with six other children on hand, and is currently single and living off public support and her mother. She had, knowingly and willingly, placed herself and her then-unborn brood at unnecessary risk, not to mention further burdening the US taxpayers.

Politically, there are also fears that medical science and technology could lead to the creation of bio-chemical warfare agents. As early as the 1960 chemical warfare has been used, and though the agents used (the Rainbow Herbicide in the Vietnam War) was less severe then other kind of Weapons of Mass Destruction, improvements in the medical science and technology similarly means improvements to such chemical warfare. To cite a few would be the Sarin Gas attack on the Tokyo Metro, and highly refined anthrax being sent to prominent US senators in the wake of the September 11 tragedy.

Improvements in medical science and technology could also means miracle cure for incurable conditions or diseases such as AIDS, SARS, Avian Influenza and cancer. However, the creator and subsequent producers for the miracle drug or treatment could often charge an arm and a leg for such cure. The rich would be able to have access to the cure, whereas the poor would be unable to do so.

In conclusion, it is not medical science and technology that should be managed, but the use for such medical science and technology that should be managed. By attempting to manage medical science and technology, like former President Bush did during his reign as US President (he banned research on stem-cells), it is effectively stunting the growth of medical science and technology.

Possible cures and methods to induce longevity may have been lost due to such stifling of medical science and technology. Moreover, by carefully managing the use of medical science and technology, chemical warfare would not be used, abortion would not have been legalized, and medical treatment would be readily available to all at low cost, hence protecting the poor as well as the rich.

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