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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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There is a challenging and closely related link between religion and public schools. Diversity in class rooms also includes the diversity of religions and some of the teachers think that religion has become the most controversial subject. There are students from different religions studying in USA schools including Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs; the school curriculum also includes material on religion (Kunzman, 2006).

Schools are the breeding ground for the future actions of children and they should focus, among other things, making students understand the diversity of the fellow students specially when conflicts may erupt as a result of the differences and religion is one such sensitive aspect that can result in disagreements about our way of living in the society and our behaviors. USA is still dominated by Christianity but religious pluralism is increasing in the country and it has been found that The United States has become the most religiously diverse nation on earth (cited in Kunzman, 2006).

The importance of religious diversity is evident from the fact that a religious diversity must be carefully analyzed and made a part of school curriculum if we want to live without conflicting religions together. (Kilman, 2007). Following are some guidelines that should be kept in mind while educating religiously diverse classes: Students should not only be equipped with the basic knowledge of different religions but they should also be made to understand and appreciate the other religions and respect the differences, this is done to value diversity and not to change the individual believes (Kunzman, 2006).

Students should be clearly taught that religion is a private affair and has nothing to do with how we socially interact with each or make friends. There is absolutely no reason to have disagreements with fellow students over religious practices or values. Learning about other religions and cultures in a respectful environment doesnt imply the loss of the childs unique cultural or religious identity (Kirmani & Laster, 1999). There is a lack of commitment in public schools towards developing students cognitive understanding of religion.

Some studies point out the inattention towards religion in textbooks while others give evidence of a lack of confidence on behalf of the teachers lack of confidence in addressing current religious standards (Kunzman, 2006). As long as the schools are not serious about imparting religious education or understand how important they are to managing diversity, no step can be taken at the level of individual teachers or students. Without the necessary steps, appreciating other religions diversity is not possible.

Another one of the many several ways to mark diversity is socio economic class. Some of the school that have been limited by a recent U. S. Supreme Court ruling from using race as a criteria for diversifying schools can use socio economic diversification as an alternative mean; as a result of such adoption, school populations are expected to go through certain changes (editorial, 2007). Social status has a link with gender. It has been explained through a study that often the result of differences in achievements are linked to these factors.

In disadvantaged societies where there are low resources, inequality in education takes place and girls are the one who are at a disadvantage, thus unfair and unequal distribution of social and economic resources takes place and the gender to which the opportunity available, usually male students reap the benefits (Dekkers et al, 2000). Other than the disadvantage faced by the gender, no such difference in academic progress occurs because of the socio economic diversity (Dekkers et al, 2000). Race

Students from many different races come to schools these days including Hispanics, African American and Asians. In the earlier days, the children of the minority race were not welcomed in playgrounds and schools and were a victim of discrimination but now the trend has changed and as a result, children from all races are not only welcomed but considered important for the prestige of the schools as greater number of students from the different minority races show that minorities are celebrated at this place..

There is little encounter to prejudice or biasness on behalf of the students nowadays. Many of the teachers believe that racism has been long gone. The affirmative action programs have resulted in reverse discrimination Most of the children of different races, it has been observed, are better at academics than their white friends but in the long run, this difference doesnt really count.

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