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Published: 2020-01-23 03:11:56
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I am excited at the prospect of pursuing a Masters in Accounting program (MAC) at North Carolina State University. I am confident that this program which integrates Accounting, Finance and Business studies is the most appropriate choice for me. Graduating from this program will enable me to carve out a career path in Accounting that I have always envisioned for myself here in the United States. My parents, who possess advance degrees in Business Administration, have been the biggest source of inspiration for me and have always encouraged me to pursue graduate level education in the United States. As a child, I was always fascinated with numbers and my interest in Math developed early in my academic career. I decided to further my interest in numbers by pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business with a minor in computer education from one of the most reputed colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. I chose to do a majority of my courses in Finance and Accounting.

These courses enabled me to refine my problem-solving and analytical abilities. The multitude of group projects that I undertook as a part of my finance and accounting course work enabled me to refine and strengthen my leadership and inter-personal skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and experience of leading two projects with teams of 3-5 members. These projects were acknowledged as the best in class which in turn increased my self-confidence. After completion of my bachelors degree, I decided to broaden the scope of my knowledge and experience. I successfully completed a one year Graduate level program in Financial Management together with a 6 month co-op at one of the India offices of Bank of America. My responsibilities at Bank of America included processing home loans and auditing mortgage documents.

I was fascinated by the global reach of this company which opened a world of possibilities for me. My consistent interaction with the employees in the U.S enabled me to build effective communication skills and people skills. Now, having migrated to the United States, I am excited about exploring career opportunities at Bank of America. I strongly believe that pursuing the MAC program at North Carolina State University will serve as a perfect launch pad to achieve this goal.

In order to lay a strong foundation of knowledge in accounting systems prevalent in the United States, I have completed 18 hours of Certificate of Accounting Program (CAP). The 6 graduate level courses included Federal Income Tax, Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, Intermediate Accounting I & II and Management Accounting. By completing these courses, I have satisfied all the pre-requisites that I require to pursue the MAC program at North Carolina State University. I am excited that my dream of pursuing graduate education and a successful career in accounting here in the United States is at the cusp of fruition, and I look forward to being a proud graduate of MAC class of 2013.

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