Step By Step Guide On Making A CD Case For D+T Resistant Materials Essay

Published: 2020-02-22 09:31:44
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1. Find right equipment; ruler, chisel, sand paper, glue, pine and ply

2. Measure the right lengths of wood and then cut into 4 separate parts 250mm for the lengths and 170mm for the widths

Equipment needed; Ruler, saw, pencil

3. Create a rectangle for the main frame-using lap joints (250mm high and 170mm in width, sand if needed),

4. Equipment needed; chisel, hammer, glue and pencil

5. Create long thin pine about 95mm long and 7mm high (so they look a bit like sticks) make about 12 pieces (6 ether side) to make the support for the CDs

Equipment needed; pencil, saw, ruler

6. Glue the pine sticks to the inside of the frame making sure that nothing sticks out using sand paper, and also making sure that it only goes about 3/4 of the way down to leave space for the storage area.

Equipment needed; glue, sand paper

7. Before sticking on the plywood make sure the CDs fit in between the frame nicely

Equipment needed; CD

8. Making sure that nothing is sticking out and that the measurements are all correct glue the plywood on to the back of the pine frame.

Equipment needed; ruler, glue

9. Sand down any sticking out bits to make it look presentable.

Equipment needed; sand paper

10. Sand the corners to make it aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Equipment needed; sand paper

11. Then for a finishing touch add water based vanish.

Equipment needed; vanish

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