Strength of an Electro Magnet Essay

Published: 2020-02-26 01:52:33
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I will measure the current using an ammeter, as the voltage is to small to measure, and the amplitude (current) is whole numbers. To measure the strength of the electro magnet I will hold it in a boss stand and clamp. I will then add 100g weights until the iron core the magnet is not strong enough and breaks its link with the core. I will have eight coils on the magnet, as any more and it would be to strong. I will repeat do the experiment at 0. 0, 0. 2, 0. 4, 0. 6, 0. 8, 1. 0 amps. I will then repeat it 3 times and take an average of my results and plot them on a graph.

Factors to vary, control or take into account In my experiment, I could vary several things such as: the amplitude (current), the voltage, the amount of coils on the magnet, the size of the core or the type of wire used. To make it a fair test I will use the same equipment, keep everything the same, apart from the varying factor. I will also keep the magnet at the same height, this is so that the Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) will stay the same and not affect my results. Safety I will be careful using main electricity, doing things such as plugging and unplugging the VVPS.

I will also be careful not to leave the electro magnet on to long as the wire will start to melt. Finally, I will put something soft underneath the electro magnet. This is encase the weights suddenly come off. This will stop the weights from breaking, and the desk from being damaged. Number and range of results I will take 6 sets of results so I can plot an accurate graph. I will repeat my experiment three times and take an average. I will then plot my averages on the graph and analyse my results. I will have eight coils on my magnet, and suspend the magnet 40cm above the ground. Prediction

The magnet gets stronger as the amplitude (current) increases; the reason for this is the domain theory. This is when in a magnetic material all the atoms are arranged so that each side has an opposite polarity (North and South). In a material, which is not magnetic, these atoms are not arranged, therefore cannot pick up materials such as iron. In an electromagnet the higher the ampage supplied to a circuit, the more atoms are arranged. Though when all the atoms are arranged, the magnet cannot become stronger. This means, as the magnet gets stronger, due to the increase in amplitude (current), it will hold more mass.

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