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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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I believe that for a student to be successful he/she needs to meet failure. I believe a successful student is not just one who can memorize the first 100 digits of pi, or one who can recite the Preamble of the Constitution from memory, as most people define a successful student as. A successful student is one who benefits the most in school and out, from extracurricular activities to sports. Throughout life people are faced with a variety of obstacles.

How they choose to overcome these obstacles determines whether they become successful or not, it would be nice if there was an instruction manual to tell one how to be successful, how to overcome these obstacles. The three main things that I think will make a student successful are attendance, homework and time management. Firstly, attendance is a biggest factor according to me. If a student is in a class everyday he/she will get most of the stuff. Research shows that student performance inside the classroom and on the report card is greatly weighted on the attendance of the student.

Several studies show that the most valuable and important time commitment in a course was the time actually spent in the classroom. In the real world, if you dont show up for work most of the time, youre going to be fired. If students get into the habit of not showing up for class with no concrete consequences, what lesson does that teach? In classes where class exercises and activities are a major part of the learning experiencelike public speaking, or creative writing, or television productionlow attendance may lead to less participation.

Thus I believe that if a student has good attendance then only he/she can be a successful student. A common complaint with high school students is the fact that they do not have enough time to do their homework. As more and more distractions are made available to the American teenager, it is imperative that todays students are aware of the importance of doing their homework. Homework is a necessary component of every successful students education. By doing homework, a student will learn independent thought, perform better in school, and provide a greater chance for economic success in their post education lives.

A student should use homework to practice what they have learned in school and to prepare themselves for the next days class. With the usage of homework as a practice forum for students, education experts recommend that secondary students should spend two hours per night on homework. By becoming more independent learners through homework,the average students will demonstration an improvement in their grades. As John Adam said practice makes perfect. If a student practices everyday he/she dont have to read on the last day before the exam.

Doing homework is a great way to get better in a particular field. Not only a student but every human being can be successful with managing time. Once a student realize how they typically spend time each day, he/she can begin to manage it. Start by making a daily and weekly to do list. which includes all daily activities, as well as basic maintenance tasks like laundry, cleaning, and eating. Using this list, create a daily schedule of activities that includes time for each of these required activities and maintenance tasks.

Also, be sure to schedule a reasonable amount of time for sports, movies, TV watching, and social activities with friends and family. As this is a very important factor to be relaxed . Some students waste all the time watching TV or visiting friends, avoid it. Performing this tasks sure sounds difficult but to be successful a student has to pass this difficult times. And if a student perform this tools then he/she wont only be a successful student but a successful person in life. Thus, I believe if a student can perform this three tools, then he/she can be a successful student and a successful person in life.

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