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Published: 2020-02-25 22:00:26
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An elementary step to analyze the companys strategies and policies is to assess the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats that are faced by the company. A SWOT analysis can provide the framework for identifying and analyzing the companys opportunities and future course of action to achieve the marketing goals. The strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats for Back Yard Burgers is identified in the subsequent paragraphs. Strengths: ¢ Home cooked quality of hamburgers and other products offered on the menu that the consumers feel worth the money to pay for.

¢ Cleanliness of the restaurant premises and fast efficient service by the staff. ¢ Rapid expansion strategy using the franchisee concept to tap the regional markets. ¢ Strict control of the over the franchisee operations and management right from the site selection to establishment and starting up of the restaurants. ¢ Well-trained and experienced staff committed to training and assisting the franchisees as part of company franchise program. ¢ Black Angus Beef Burgers charbroiled and grilled to perfection with variety of toppings is one of the USPs of the company.

Weakness: ¢ Declining market share with other big brands playing a dominant role. ¢ Weak brand positioning and brand awareness ¢ Low control over franchisees at later stages of operation ¢ Slow growth of revenue Opportunities ¢ Brand development and brand positioning creating an awareness among the consumers ¢ Tapping the overseas market ¢ Promoting healthy alternatives to attract the health conscious segment of the consumer base. Threats: ¢ Competition from big brands and other upcoming eateries and joints ¢ Growing awareness of the consumers to healthy eating habits.

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