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Published: 2020-02-06 21:10:10
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As system analysts to ensure I. R. C get the job done I am going to introduce the three basic and main steps. These are Input, Process and Output. The first step will be using Inputs such as keyboards, mouse, scanner and many other inputs. The keyboard allows me to input and type text about special features and offers which I can include in the newsletter or the flyer to promote and advertise my business. It allows me to store information about the customers and there order details . The mouse has many features such as allowing me to point and click in a certain column and also editing any mistakes made.

The mouse lets me insert images in to the newsletter and also copy any text to add information regarding the image. While creating the business card I inputted my logo using the copy and paste option from the mouse. I inserted text in the newsletter and also some images which showed the customers the quality of our service. I achieved this through the special features of the inputting devices. The process illustrates how I went about creating the newsletter in order to promote I. R. C. I will be using a catalogue wizard in microsoft publisher as a guideline to go about and set up the layout of the newsletter.

The text that is already present in the box, I will use as a guideline so that I know what text to insert in the appropriate place. I Yasin Mirza 1/1/05 will first change the layout of the guideline to match the requirements of I. R. C and then edit the appearance of the colours and the text. I will be using the mouse to insert images which have already been saved on to a floppy disk. I will be using word art to highlight special offers and subheadings this will enable me to make these stand out and change the colour, size, font and style of the text to make it more appealing to the readers.

Using microsoft publisher I am able to add a special feature in the newsletter which allows me to have the choice of adding a coupon and a box for customer details. The Output such as the monitor and printer shows the newsletter in its early/late stages of development. The monitor will display the newsletter and I will be using the printer to print out the draft of the newsletter. If I am unsatisfied with the result and quality of the newsletter I can then go back and edit the problems. I can then view the corrections made on the monitor and then print it out again.

As an option feature I intend to place the newsletter online on I.R. C s website and the speakers act as an output and the speakers can be used to listen to music and sounds on the site developed by flash software. The company will use floppy disks, cd- roms, and portable hard drives to store and backup information. Floppy disks will be used to store general specifications and receipts. The portable hard drives will be used to store customer and payment details as well company software as the portable hard drives have a vast amount of storage space. The PHD (portable hard drive) is a ideal backing up device as in an emergence if Yasin Mirza 1/1/05 I. R.

Cs system becomes damaged in some way then you can transfer the work on to the phd. The cd-roms will be used to store back up information from the floppys. To ensure unauthorised access each member of staff will be given a general user name (staff) and separate password which will allow them to access, edit and view customer, payment and specifications details. To increase security and ensure data integrity (data is not deleted by any random user) we will give admin authorization to managers with a separate username and password to have all system which allows them to access and view, add and delete any details regarding customers.

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