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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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No one can deny that the Internet is the most helpful invention in the past centuries. Thanks to the Internet, peoples lives have never been more convenient, easy and worth living. But some people want to limit what the Internet can show us. In my opinion, an open, free Internet is better than a more regulated one because it gives us more freedom, free and huge source of study materials and big entertainment choices unlike the one people want to limit. An open Internet gives us not only the freedom of being whoever we want to be, but also the freedom to express ourselves without limitations.

For example, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace offer people the chance to freely express their opinions without being judged. Unlike the regulated Internet, people have to watch out for what theyre saying about political ideas or about some other people. Moreover, another option the free Internet gives people who want to show their emotions and thinking is blogging. Blogs can give readers a clearer idea of what is happening than official newspaper or TV channels can, even in countries where the media are free. (How Blogging Changed My Life, Ayesha Saldahna, p52).

Blogs helped people socialize with the new places or new people. Also, I enjoy blogging because it gives me opportunities to exchange ideas with people all around the world. (How Blogging Changed My Life, Ayesha Saldahna, p53). Clearly, the free Internet has offered people the freedom to be themselves and express their feelings in any way they want without any limitations like the regulated Internet.

Another helpful thing a free and open Internet offers us is a huge source of study materials. Instead of buying expensive books and waiting in lines at the library, we now can look up the information we need anywhere anytime through the Internet. For example, I have to do a research papers for my finals. But instead of wasting my time going everywhere to find the information I want, I just need to turn on my laptop and search for any information related to my topic. Unlike the regulated Internet, the free and open Internet offers a huge source of information. So all that is left to do is choose which information is the best for my paper. Moreover, with the money I can save from not buying books, I can help myself with other school supplies. Therefore, free Internet is very helpful, time-efficient and of course, generally free.

Lastly, with the invention of the Internet, people can enjoy any kind of entertainment at home. Before the Internet was invented, the only way people could entertain themselves was going out for activities or paying a lot of money on movie tickets, the zoo and concert tickets. Moreover, the long lines and sold-old tickets somehow limited the number of people who can actually get entertained. But since the Internet was born, we can watch movies, football and basketball games and the concerts at home. As time goes by, more and more Internet related home theater devices appeared and gave people more choices to enjoy their lives in the easiest and most convenient way.

In conclusion, we can have a better life thanks to the Internet. But some people wanted to limit the features of the free Internet because they think its too dangerous. I disagree and I think an open and free Internet is better than a more regulated one. It has been helping us a lot and I want our future generations still can be able to use it in a freely way.

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