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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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In 1973 instead of accepting the offer to work in the House of Representatives Committee, Clinton returned to his home state to start private practice and teach in the Law School at the University of Arkansas. A year later his first political campaign for the Senate was defeated by his rival, who got 51. 2% of the vote (The Columbia Encyclopedia, 2004). The loss was attributed to domination of Republican viewpoints in Arkansas. A year later, Clinton moved to Little Rock to enter the office of the Attorney General of Arkansas.

In 1978 Clintons campaign for Arkansas gubernatorial elections was successful and he entered his first term at the age of 32 becoming the youngest governor in the country. During his term, Clinton launched a lot of reforms, both constructive and unpopular. In particular, he improved educational sector and transportation system of the state, but at that, the rise of the fees for automobile licensing evoked a lot of public anger. That is why in 1980 Clinton lost the office to a Republican candidate F. White. It was a chance for Clinton to reconsider his mistakes and create his future strategy.

By that time he had become a strong politician with tempered wisdom and intuition. Thus, he managed to re-obtain the trust of his electorate because .. he had learned the price for hubris and the importance of adaptability and compromise, (UXL Encyclopedia, 2005). Therefore, his second and two following terms of governorship were marked by more effective reforms, including growth of governmental investments to health care, education and other public sectors, economic rise, increase of salaries, lowering of unemployment, etc.

During these years before presidential election in 1992, Clinton continued his activities and career development on national political stage. He was one of the leaders of the Democrats, and together with his associate Albert Gore was trying to regain the control of the party from more liberal wings to his moderate left-centrist democratic faction. He had a great school of public speaking and discussions becoming a true virtuoso of political debates. He was prepared to become a progressive ambitious leader of the country.

Bill Clinton was a representative of a new style of leadership in American politics, based not only on ideology and strong political viewpoints, but also on personal appeal and social skills. He was a successful politician not just because of his values, but because of his faith that politics can change country for better. .. He is a man who broke new ground in the world of political campaigning, the effects of which are still strong. He was central to some, if not all, of the events and trends which have shaped modern history (Campbell, 2004).


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