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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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The movies that are being compared here are made at two different periods of time and for audience of distinct mentality. Movies are made keeping in mind the taste of audience because it is totally show business. But here two movies, one of which was made almost more than 50 years before the other are somewhat similar. The base of Singin in The Rain, made in 1952 is same as Linda Linda Linda which was released in 2005.

Both the films are musical blockbusters and were liked by the audience at the time of release and afterwards too. If we compare both these movies we will see that the plot of old ovie is not typical and lots of Hollywood movies has been made on this plot but Singin in The Rain is remembered today because it took the cinema from silent era to talkies. Its music is being admired till date and is considered as a movie with great combination of action and humor.

The film is a total entertainer with almost everything being expected from a movie. Linda Linda Linda came out in 2005 targeting a different audience that was young and in the modern era. The taste of this audience was completely different from that of 1950s ut this movie also proved to be successful and the base here was once again music and dance. The story of course is admirable here and the film is entertaining and technically competent.

There are four girls who want to create their own rock band for the upcoming function of their school. Plot of the movie revolves round the experiences of these girls to find a singer and everything needed to make a band. Their ultimate challenge became to play a single song for the function. The movie of the 1950s was focusing on the music of that period and that of 2005 represents the music of this era.

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