The Colliding of Black Holes Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Physics is just a world of simplicity explained with logic and math. The fact that we are brave enough to be examining the vast universe with its components nowhere close to the size of humans; fills the streak of intimidation. The universe acts as a system of equilibrium; just like the law of conservation of energy it also follows the law of conservation of mass/matter. The biggest contributors, still veiled with mysteries are Dark Matter, Black Holes, WIMPs, and Higgs Bosons etc.

Black holes are widely studied and its powers are simulated over hundreds of labs around the world. However, the one that caught my attention was related to Colliding of Black Holes. On a fundamental level, it is a well-known fact in the world of astrophysics that black holes are bodies with immense energy with the ability to destruct anything in its way, some scientists even refer to it as the, Ultimate garbage disposal of the universe. Jumping up to the next few levels where two of such black holes come in contact.

According to studies, the surrounding space-time surge and undulate causing a severe distortion in the space-time fabric. This warp is so complicated that even the incredibly high levels of calculations in Math fail to clearly explain the phenomenon. Even though physicists have simulated many different probabilities; nailing down the perfect explanation has not been possible. However, many theories have floated up. The two black holes may join and become a supermassive black hole.

The region of Space-time may undulate so much that a certain region around the two bodies would possibly even allow backwards time travel. Most of these theories have Einsteins general relativity as the backbone. Theories and hypothesis lead to the evolution in science. When you consider the above phenomena, as a high school student I would probably relate it to something so much simpler; like may be the Newtons laws. Even though I would not be able to nail the actual consequence I would get an idea of the scale of the consequence.

Newtons third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction; if two black holes with destructive gravitational forces move against each other it is obvious that they interact on each other with the same force; hence, causing an immeasurable damage which is simple enough for us to understand and well enough explains the basic consequence. ¦but if you want a simpler explanation; youd probably want to simply watch it from a distant, it would be quite a rive for any material to be swirling in its vicinity.

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