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Published: 2020-02-21 06:01:48
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The main character of this story was a 15-yrear-old boy called Christopher John Francis Boone, who got a dereism. He lived with his father and his pet mouse. One night, Christopher discovered that the dog Wellington, which belonged to his neighbour, Mrs. Shears was killed. He liked Wellington so much and so he tried to investigate what had happened and he wanted to find out the murderer step by step. While leading us to investigate, the writer also stated Christophers life and interests in between. His mother ran away with another man to London without leaving him a message.

Yet, Christopher believed that his mother had died from a heart attack, in which his father explained this reason. Christopher liked puzzles and mathematics. He knew all the countries in the world with their capital cities, and also every prime number up to 7,057. He would not tell any lies and hated being touched. He liked dogs because he always knew what a dog was thinking, and they would not tell lies. Back to the murder case, Christopher kept on investigating the truth but his father forced him to stop the investigation.

After sometime, Christopher found his father not only killed Wellington, but also told lies about what his mother had done. So Christopher left his home all by himself, heading for his mother in London. It was a tough journey for a child, but he was able to calm his fears by doing calculations. Awkwardly applying the living skills he learnt from school, he struggled to the doors of his mothers after all, though still unready to face the chaos in the grown-up world. COMMENTS Although the story started with an ordinary murder case, the way that the writer wrote the story was outstanding.

The first thing that impressed us was the autistic kid. As Christopher was the main character and so I needed to catch on the story from an autistic kids point of view. Besides, the story was divided into paragraphs that were numbered by prime numbers. Christopher liked prime number so much, maybe it was because of what he said in the story, I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you could never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them. There were also some graphics in between the texts, which could make the story even more interesting.

The pictures were often some maps or mathematic graphs, which could show what an autistic kid was thinking. After reading this book, maybe we can know more about our lives, which can be as simple as Christophers life. This story makes us understand that everybody has ups and downs in our lives, although sometimes we may find that our lives are tough, we still need to live on. Only we try to seek ways to solve the problems, face the difficulties bravely, we must solve it and live an even better life. After reading this story, we are all deeply impressed by Christopher. And his story gives us courage to face our own difficulties.

Nowadays, people commit suicide just because of small potatoes reasons, I am sure if people may not think of committing suicide so easily. It is only a matter of if we have enough determination, even a boy suffering from autism can do so much thing for his goal, why cant we? And we should appreciate Christophers curiosity. When he found something he didnt understand, he tried his best to find out the truth! I think we should learn this kind of attitude to face the problem we meet! Since this world is very complex, we cant believe all things told by other people, We need to find out what we should believe!

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