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Published: 2020-02-15 20:51:38
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All organisations and businesses no matter how big or small they are have to process data. Sales data, Wages, Invoices, and Purchasing are the four most common processing methods. They are two types of ways which data can be processed, Firstly is can be done by paper and pen this is called manually. This is not I good way to process data as its time consuming and errors can be made. Small corner shops can use this method as they dont have to process much data. But it is not a good idea if big companies use this method as it would take too long and the chance of making mistakes increases.

The second method is by using computers (electronically) most businesses use computers to process data. The main reasons for this is because computers are affordable for most businesses. And they can process data more efficiently and quickly. So computers have changed the way businesses operate as they are more reliable and they can process large amount of data within minutes. The diagram below shows the data processing cycle. The processing cycle has 4 different stages in order they are Collection, Input, Processing and Meaningful output.

It works like this, the data is collected after its collected it will be inputted, then it will get processed and finally the data is outputted it can be outputted as meaningful data. The arrows with the dashes that goes from meaningful/output to collection can also be used again for the collections. This does not happen often but it is possible. If it did happen it works out something like this: Collection Input Process Meaningful Output Different stages of the cycle Collection The first stage is the collection here all the information/data is collected.

It will collect information/data only that is needed for the input. Input The second part of the cycle is the input part. Here information/data is stored and it is ready to be processed. Processing The third part of the cycle is processing here all the information/data that has been received from input will be processed and passed on to output. Meaningful Output The final stage is meaningful output, this means that the data that has been outputted can be used again as an input for another process or it can be used again for the same process.

I have mentioned four different stages, but they are two more important stages that come after input these are sorting and validating data. Sorting data Sorting data is not necessary but it keeps the company more organised. For example in the payroll department the employee who as the lowest record number will be listed at the start of the database, and the employee with the highest employee number will be listed at the bottom of the database. This is useful because if the company decide to make any changes to the database the data will be in the same order, and this should cause no problems in future processing.

Validation of data This process is very important because if a mistake has accoutred elsewhere. The validation stage will pick up on this and correct it. So the master database will be updated with the correct information. Lets say an employee of the company has worked 700 hours in a week this would be a clear mistake. This has to be corrected as the worker will receive too much money. This could cause problems for the company. Because the company will lost working hours as the problem has to be solved. The hours that it has lost could have been used elsewhere more appropriately. Example of data processing cycle

Background of the business The organisation that I have chosen for this example is StayBrite Windows. The company was founded in 1974 and its Europes No. 1 replacement window company. They also do conservatories, Doors and roofline products. The company has two large manufacturing facilities in Norwich, as well as branches around the UK. I am going to use payroll as an example of a data processing cycle. StayBrite employ hundreds of employees. First step is collecting all the information about the employees for example how many hours they have worked, if they did any overtime etc.

After the information has been collected it is then inputted and processed. The final stage is output the employees will receive a wage slip were the details will be given such as hours worked, pay per hour, pension etc. The processing method that could be used here is batch processing. Why batch processing? Because the information does not have to be updated often. The company will give out contracts to their employees so the workers know what hours to work. The company has to update their system every time they employ a new worker but this is not done often.

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