The Effects of Diversity in Communities Essay

Published: 2019-12-05 08:02:06
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The concept of diversity in communities includes several nationalities in different fields; thereby the communities will have many advantages. One cause of diversity is immigration. People travel to another country since they are searching for better life in jobs and educations. If immigration law in any country eases regulation for immigrants, the numbers of immigrants will increase. In fact, there are several effects of diversity in communities.

The most important effect of diversity is eliminating the discrimination in the community. If the communities have only two races such as black and white people, discrimination will absolutely be exist. Everyone knows the tragedy of the discrimination in every society like civil war and crisis in economy. On the other hand, if there are several races, religious beliefs and political beliefs, the community will adjust to the diversity in every moment of life. In the time, people will deal with different nationalities in market and schools. As a result, the community will live a peaceful life without any problems.

Another significant effect of diversity is sharing cultures. Everyone is curious of knowing other cultures. In fact, diversity is a great opportunity of sharing cultures, such as food, religions, languages and history. For example, citizens in the USA can find China Town and Indian village, which have a variety of food, juice and museums, in every big city like Washington, New York and Chicago. As a consequence, citizens go to these towns because they are available in the place where they live. In addition, they might travel to these countries if they have an appropriate chance. More importantly, these villages or towns are exist because of immegration which advocates the diversity. The last effect of different nationalities in communities is enhancing the economic level. Can you imagine that diversity affects the economy of the country? In fact, it affects the economy significantly. It affects the labor costs both in the low-wage jobs and in high-wage jobs. For instance, in my country KSA, most of the low-wage positions are taken by immigrants, so the Saudis cannot accept the same wage of the immigrants. Consequently, the Saudis wage rate is higher than the immigrants in the low-wage jobs. Another example, many universities hire foreign instructors since they have different experiences and different thoughts. Foreign instructors lead to develop the economy by doing different research and innovations. For these reasons, no one can hide the influence of the national diversity in the economy.

To conclude, reducing discrimination, being part of cultures and growing economy are the most important effects of the diversity. In my opinion, every country should have diversity because of the positive impact to the community. Moreover, some countries must modify the immigration law since they will have many advantages of diversity.

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