The Facts About Early Explorers of America Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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1.) Christopher Columbus in his letter to Luis de Sant Angel, a baptized Jew and finance minister to Ferdinand II who made the case to Isabella I in favor of Christopher Columbus, Announced his discoveries in the New World. He further pushed the potential of the newly discovered land by emphasising on the lack of local government and the abundant resources. Columbus certainly overstates his findings. This could be taken as attempt to sell the Indies to Ferdinand and Isabella to pay off his previous debt from his failed attempt to be a successful merchant.

2.) Two explorers of early America shared different views when it came to Native Americans. Christopher Columbus viewed then as nothing of any real importance. While Cabeza De seems to have an unusual sympathy for Native Americans. A actual account from a the natives would of allowed us to put in to perspective.

3.) Bartolom de Las Casas depicts the islands of the New World as a paradise the population as docile and very willing to submit unto the Christian ways and doctrine. He also describes a unjust and needless slaughter of many native. Unlike previous explorers Las Casa sheds light of the main motive of the Spanish was to obtain wealth and gold and not to civilize the New World.

4.) There is obvious contrast in the English and the Spanish way of exploration in the New World. I infer that that the Spanish aim was to gather riches while the English goal was to colonize.

5.) Upon review a several primary sources it can be gathered that religion played a major part in the exploration of America. Most Europeans viewed the New World as a Godless wilderness that was to subdued in to submission of God each countries king.

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