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Published: 2020-01-31 02:20:36
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What invention soars like a bird but is much bigger? An airplane! I bet most of you got that. But this here isnt a regular invention. Its the greatest invention. Its just so amazing. I mean we get a chance to fly. And I bet theres tons of other ways the airplane is awesome. Ill share some things about the airplane. First, you must know who invented such a fabulous invention. The genius or should I say geniuses who made the airplane were the wright brothers. Wilbur and Orville Wright would always study birds.

How they would take flight and soar into the air, swooping down if they needed to. They wondered if they could build something to make people fly. So they started to try to make this happen. They started off by making a biplane that was flown like a kite so they could test how they could control the plane by bending the tips of the wings so the airplane could stay balanced. They called this wing warping, and it did help. They had made the first airplane. They began testing more airplanes, making them bigger and bigger every time.

They have given us a chance to fly to where we need or want to go. Next, Ill explain why the airplane is the greatest invention. One, you get a chance to fly! You soar where you want to go. Some people dream they could fly, and somebody made that happen. Its so fascinating, they made not just one, but about one-hundred and fifty people can fly at once. I know what youre thinking, WOW. Two, its much safer to fly. Did you know that more than double the number of people dies in a car crash than in a plane crash? A plane crash is very rare.

And three, its much more easy to travel. The average number of miles a car can go is about one hundred miles per hour. The average number of miles a plane can go is six-hundred and twenty-five miles per hour. How about them apples?! Now, after all I said, dont you think the airplane is awesome, tough crowd? Well, have you ever wanted to see someone so bad, but they were too far away, in a different country, and there was no way a car could take you there. You probably wouldnt even know someone you love because the airplane wasnt made.

Just think about it, all the amazing places youve been to, that you had to fly to get there would have never happened. Some of you wouldnt even live here all because the air plane wasnt made. I know I wouldnt be here. Have you ever thought about t like that? I bet a lot of you havent. Finally, I have proof that the air plane is the best invention. I explained how the wright brothers invented the airplane. Also explained why the airplane is the best invention. And finally, explained why people who disagreed that the airplane was the best invention were wrong. Thank you.

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