The Harvest of Justice is sown in Peace Essay

Published: 2020-01-18 09:42:12
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We live in an imperfect world where inequalities, suffering, enmity, dictatorship and terror reigns and this fear or the pursuit of human freedom usually leads to conflicts among communities and sometimes between different sovereigns. Some like Thomas Hobe had advocated that the human race was indeed war some and that due to the aggressive nature of men wars were not only inevitable but actually necessary in the course of every day interaction. However the cost of war whether justified or not usually outweighs the expected benefits since the loss of life and political instability that follows such an extreme course of action is catastrophic.

This led the American bishops to write on the topic of peace to call for other ways of handling problems or moderation where other avenues fail. The U S bishops (2005) aim is to renew for sustainable peace and a better and consolidated effort peace keeping. These bishops had felt ten years ago that they owed humanity a moral obligation to advocate against acts that threatened humanities right to life and so campaigned vigorously against nuclear race and called for enactment of a nuclear non proliferation treaty.

They call for an ethical approach to issues affecting people and using an acceptable way to handle world problems. They advocated for the protection of the individual against all form of violence including that perpetrated against the unborn baby. In their view it was the obligation of society to ensure that justice prevailed by according and refraining from treating others as we wouldnt want to be treated. These clergy men felt that there was a grave danger in both inaction and extreme intervention and calls for an innovative and moderate way to influence foreign issues.

They recognize that the church and its people have a responsibility to call for more action in helping impoverished people from all over the world. It is also important to address the problem of economic inequalities that exist in developing countries and they feel greatly that an intervention through monetary and other instruments is important to redress the problem (US. Catholic bishops, 2005). They advocate on the need to strengthen world institutions to enforce peace, end conflicts and violence and ensure that human rights are respected.

The bishops recognized that peacekeeping must ensure that acts carried out during peacekeeping process must be ethical and violations of human right by peace keepers must lead to prosecution since justice still remains the most important virtue in society. The letter recognizes the popes view that the international community must embrace a new system that puts the people first and the sovereign right of any government be vested solely on its intentions to work for the people.

It called for international intervention where individual governments fail and tried to emphasize that the fulfillment of individual rights lay with the whole world and not restricted to the geographical boundaries. The role of development should also depend on the international community and it is therefore important that able countries like America should allocate more resources to fund growth in other parts of the world. The clergy tried to rationalize this concept by equating with the obligation of the whole world to avoid war.

They further strengthen their argument by calling upon the need for solidarity among all people. This is based on the premise that we are all equal and the question of race or religion should not occur. A spirit of brotherhood should exist among all people since we are faced with common problems of either pursuing happiness or avoiding pain (U S Bishops, 2005). The Bishops recognized the need for America to shift its intervention policies that mostly results to wars.

As is the case in Iraq where hundreds of American soldiers have lost their life and thousands other innocent civilians killed by militants and terrorists. It is there fore important to use creative and consistent non violent methods in seeking to find solutions to global problem. The letter also examines some principles of which are important in safeguarding and protecting people from merciless and large scale intentional attack. Lastly the issues calls for greater conscience among the people to ensure that one cannot be used by another in the pursuance of his duty to conduct grave rights violations (U S Bishops, 2005)

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