The Impact of ICT on an Adult in Employment Essay

Published: 2019-12-27 20:20:45
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My Dad needs his laptop in order to run his weekend disc jockey business. These needs include keeping up to date and accurate computerised accounts of booking forms, receipts and other references. He also keeps the CD collection stored on the Laptop. It is essential that he uses his laptop to run his disc jockey business. The above reasons are a good example of why he has a Laptop rather than a Desktop computer because he can use the laptop while he is on the move.

The Intel Centrino mobile technology enables my Dad to connect to the Internet without any wires. He has also used the Laptop to produce a user friendly website to advertise our business on the web as well as in the Yellow Pages. He also makes regular price and administrative changes to the website in order to keep in competition with other local DJs around the area. My Dad also updates the website in design and layout, as well as including new pages and photos. This enables customers to browse the website to see our set up and how the business is run. They can then book at disco online and my Dad checks the e-mail to see if any bookings have been received. He will then send out the correct documentation to the customer to confirm the booking.

Having the Laptop has affected his working style in many ways. Before he didnt have a laptop computer, his bookings were hand written and kept in a folder. This meant that any record could have been lost or misplaced quite easily. Without the laptop computer, our advertising was limited to the Yellow Pages and leaflets only. Now, we can advertise over the net, enabling customers to see what theyre getting and booking confidentially online. Also, the cataloguing system of our CD collection was handwritten, and searching for requests was a tough task. Now, the collection is computerised and in alphabetical order.

The Laptop computer meets my Dads needs well for a number of reasons. For example, it has dramatically changed his working style and the way he goes about his work. Also, he can now order CDs and disco equipment online from our Walsall and Birmingham based stockists. He can also order online motor and car electrical parts from the wholesalers, which is situated in Cannock. He also orders from other stockists around the country.

It is essential that my Dad needs Sky+ because he comes home from a stressful day at work to relax in front of the television. The ordinary terrestrial television didnt suit his needs and therefore, we had Sky + installed. This is a service that allows him to record programmes while watching another. It also enables the viewer to pause, fast forward and rewind live television. As he is a busy person, he doesnt have the time to go the shops.

As this service is interactive, he can order many items off the digital shopping channels, like QVC, Ideal World, Bid TV and Price Drop TV. He also books holidays off the Sky TV Travel Shop and FTN, formally Thomas Cook TV. Also, a new interactive service is coming to all Sky viewers, where they can buy groceries and everyday items from their local supermarket and have it delivered directly their house. As he has two jobs, he is a very busy person and needs to shop in the least time consuming way. The interactive and shopping channels on the digital service is an ideal way of shopping quickly and in the comfort of his own home.

Sky+ meets my Dads needs well for a number of reasons. For example, when he works over, we record his favourite programmes, which he can watch when he gets home. Also, he can pause any programme while he is preparing any food or drink or if he needs the toilet. The interactive service also helps him, as he doesnt go to the shops that regularly, he can buy off the shopping channels. The majority of his purchased items arrive in good condition, but in some cases, he has had to send some of the items back to the suppliers due to damage of wrong item being sent out to him. He has also has a case where the item got sent to the wrong address and another where the item got lost in the post.

My Dads phone is the current smart phone brought to you by Nokia. It has a 1-mega-pixel camera, which has a built in 4x digital zoom. These photos are stored on to the memory card and can be printed off at any Kodak Kiosk. Above all, it has a video recorder, which can record for as long as you wish. The phone also contains a built in photo and video editing package, so you can delete any unnecessary parts of your video or photo.

It has an 8-mega-byte internal memory with additional add-on memory via the upgradeable memory cards you can buy at any electrical retailer. It also has Bluetooth technology, an MP3 player and the phone can synchronise with your computer via the supplied USB cable. With this cable, you can download upgrade applications for your phone. You can also download pictures, logos, videos and ringtones. Additional add-ons are available from many phone and electrical retailers to enhance the capabilities of this Nokia smart phone.

My Dad needs his mobile phone for many reasons. For example, as he is a mobile DJ and is away from home due to engineering contracts, it is essential that he uses his mobile phone in order to contact friends and family via voice calling or text messaging. The above methods also enable friends and family to contact him.

He also uses it to play games on it and download additional software upgrades, MP3 files, videos, pictures, games and ringtones. This enables him to keep his phone up to date with other models. His phone also has an Infra-red port, which he can challenge friends, family or other people to a game of his or their choice depending on whose phone it is. The phone also has Bluetooth wireless technology, which enables him to send any data to other Bluetooth users at high speeds, which is formally known as Quickshare.

You can buy many Bluetooth accessories for the Nokia 7610. For example, my Dad has purchased a Jabra BT800 Bluetooth headset. He has brought this so he can make and receive call while he is driving. He has also brought a Hewlett Packard Bluetooth Dongle, which enables him to download additional software upgrades, MP3 files, videos, pictures, games and ringtones from his laptop. However, to enable the above devices to work, you must connect the device to the mobile phone, and perform a non-authenticity activity, which enables the two devices to connect automatically.

My Dads mobile phone meets his needs well in many ways. For example, he can use the phone while he is on the go, very handy and useful to contact engineering suppliers while he is out on contract. Also, he can receive calls from potential customers who want a disco, and my Dad can give them a price of the job and send the a booking form to confirm the bookings. Most of all, he can contact friends and family, or vice versa, to see how things are going.

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