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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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The first contrasting difference is in the titles. The Sun produces two titles and The Independent produces one. The Suns main title is approximately a half of the whole article and The Independents is about one fifth. The Sun has bigger, bolder font in the first title and it is all in capitals, whereas The Independent is in the lower case of the alphabet and is in smaller, plainer font. The Sun uses a pun derived from the English idiom, Hammer and Tongs, instead of Hammer it uses Slammer, which is the colloquial term for a jail.

This word is appropriately used since the article is about a couple going to jail. The Sun uses the word hubby in its second title. This might be because of its preference to colloquial language or it might be because of the limited amount of space the article has. The Sun is more visually interesting because it contains captions and pictures, which The Independent does not have. The layout of the two articles is also very different. The Sun contains two sections and The Independent contains one. This gives The Independent more room for a longer piece whilst The Sun is limited to write as much information.

The Sun has omissions of judges and less about the actual court case but The Independent is more factual about the court case and has quotations from judges, for example, Judge Peter Langan told them: It is not pleasant to send you to prison, but the end of the road has been reached. July 5 the lid burst (quoted from The Independent) gives us a more precise date then The Sun. The Independent gives us a more serious account but The Sun gives us the humorous side of the incident. The vocabulary shows us the major difference between colloquial and formal language.

Examples of colloquial language can be found in hubby, missus and walloped (all contained in The Sun. ) Examples of formal language can be found in The Independent, they come in the form of husband, marital rows, Mr. And Mrs. Greecham and riotous behaviour. The Suns vocabulary also gives us a more dramatic effect, for example, hauled before the court. It gives us the impression that they were dragged into that courtroom, which is obviously a dramatic exaggeration. In general The Sun gives us a more entertaining account and is more visually interesting but the content and information is lacking compared to The Independent.

The spacing in The Sun gives us two paragraphs and is separated by the smaller title, fight. The Independent however consists of one long piece and is not as eccentric. In conclusion you can see the reporters attempts to write for the different range of people. The Sun overall amuses its readership with its puns and patronizing descriptions. The Independent gives us the serious and intellectual side of the incident. It gives the article in a more reporting perspective with no one-sided views but The Sun gives us the more public, humorous, human -interest view.

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