The Land of the Cyclops Essay

Published: 2020-02-19 22:00:08
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Well my prayer didnt come true. We had another very strange couple of days. Our ship came upon an island of Cyclops. What strange creatures they are. Once again Odysseus only had a few men go onto the island and the others stay on the ship. Once again I was chosen to go. Once we climbed on the island we went into the very first cave we saw. There was no Cyclops in there so I told Odysseus that we should take what we need and go. But no, he wanted to see the creature and see what it had to offer. After a bit of time the Cyclops came back, but when he entered his cave, he moved a rock to block the entrance.

The rock was so big that all the men combined probably couldnt move a single inch. The Cyclops immediately noticed us and asked what we were doing in his home. Odysseus said that we are sailors come to this island and it is our tradition to give gifts to guests so that is what we are looking for. The Cyclops didnt really appreciate this and ate two of our men, just like that without hesitation. He kept eating men from time to time so Odysseus came up with a plan to get us out. He got the Cyclops really drunk and then tricked him into believing Odysseuss name was Nobody.

Then when the Cyclops had fallen asleep, Odysseus and a few men including me sharpened a large wooden pole. We took it and burned it in the embers of a fire, then finally took it and jammed it into the Cyclops eye blinding him. He yelled out and when other Cyclopes came and asked what had happened, he yelled it was Nobody. Then Odysseus got us all to hang onto the underside of a sheep so when the Cyclops opened the door, we would be set free without him knowing. This worked flawlessly and we were free. We were all set to go home, but stupid Odysseus felt the need to call back to the Cyclops what his real name was and where he was from.

Throughout the entire journey I had thought that Odysseus was doing a good job. He had tricked the Cyclops and had gotten us out of danger. But what a dumb thing he did yelling back. It was as if he was asking to get messed with. The Cyclops tried to hit us with rocks but was unsuccessful, so he decided to curse us for our journey home and what would happen if we ever did make it back. I am amazed and thankful that after all that has happened over the past couple of days that I am still alive. At the same time though, I am wishing I was just able to be home with my family not having to worry about anything.

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