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Published: 2020-02-14 06:42:35
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The Old Testament, the first section of the Christian bible has been reputed to date back to around 4000 years. Different scholars divide the old testament period into different epochs depending on the major events that occurred during this time. The occurrences may have happened in the world at that time or in the history as related by the bible. Some of the old most categorization divides the Old Testament history into primeval period/creation, patriarch era, exodus, Canaan conquest, the era of the judges, monarchial era, exile, return and restoration era.

The dates of the eras are believed to have started from the beginning (4000BC). After this unique era of time, then came: the Patriarch Era around (1800-1290BC),Exodus era dated1447-1406,conquest of Canaan Era(1406-1390),The Era of Judges(1290-1050BC),the era monarchy(1050-750BC),Era of division and Exile(605-538BC)and finally the era of return and restoration (538-323BC). It is noteworthy that these given dates may not be precise and accurate. However they are archaeologically accepted.

In the history of the Old Testament many outstanding events are recorded not only biblically but also secularly. This period of the existence of the old Old Testament could therefore be termed as one of the most outstanding historically active period in the history of world existence. In the primeval Era it is believed the creation took place. Heaven and earth with their contents remain inclusive were created as designed by God. In the Patriarchal Era recorded in Genesis 12-50, God in abide to reconcile with man ets requirements and laws to govern the existing generation of humans.

During the Exodus, Moses led the Israelites who had been slavery in Egypt for 400yearsout of Egypt to go to the Promised Land as promised to Abraham their main descendant . This is the very period when the children of Israel of bondage stayed in the wilderness on their way to Canaan for 40 years. During this period worlds process of civilization continues in the powerful empires like Egypt. In the Era of conquest, Israelites led by Joshua after Moses death are conquering and entering Canaan hence focusing more on Joshuas leadership.

In other parts of the world the Iron Age commences, the 19th Dynasty is on and the powerful Chinese Chou Dynasty is in being. In era of Judges, there is no concrete leadership in Israel after their settlement the 19th Dynasty of Egypt is on and also the reign of raameser 2 perceived mistakenly to be spear led of the oppression to non- believers of alliterate translation by the liberal scholars of the time. In the Monarchial Era Israel comes up with Monarchy establishing a kingdom and doing away with the Judges. The king of Israel in this era was Saul, David and Solomon.

Subsequently some world religions are being established secularly, its the period of time when a solar eclipse is recorded in Nineveh and Jerusalem on June 15th. In addition to that Mayan civilization commences in South America. After proper establishment and being of the kingdom there is division and exile of inhabitants and occupants of some portions of the kingdom go to Exile after capture by the Babylonians. Subsequently Rome was conquered by Etruscans and the existence of Buddha of India in rule hence development and establishment of Budhism.

This is also time of some major prophets like Jeremiah of service to Gods people. Finally in the Era of Return and Restoration Israelites who were definitely of a generation were now set free from captivity and were to return to their original land. This is the very period that would when in the coming of the Messiah hence the New Testement. Majorly in the world, Mexander becomes the king of Macedonia and the statues of Zeus, Artenis temple &Tomb of Mausollos are identified as 3rd, 4th, and 5th wonders of the ancient world respectively.

In this era great scholars like: Alexander the great and Aristotle lived making there inventions remembered update. This is also the time of Confucius of China. Conclusively, these era of history are clearly cited in biblically as follows: The creation Era is found in Genesis 1-12, the Patriarch Era in Genesis 12-50, Exodus era in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and part of Deutronomy, conquest Era in the book of Joshua and even Deutronomy, the Era of Judges in Judges and era of Monarchy is found in Samuel and chronicles.

The era of Division and Exile is found in 2kings, 2chronical, Jeremiah etc while the era of Return and restoration is chronologically cited in Jeremiah, Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. After all these events the New Testament is ushered in with the coming of the Messiah (Jesus Christ) fulfilling the prophecies made in the Old Testament in during the existence of various prophets in various occasions and under different inspirational cases and circumstances. References NLJV (2007). Life application study bible. NY: Tyndale House Publishers. Merill. (2000). Settle for more. Alabama: Wisconsin.

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