The narration of the cosmos Essay

Published: 2020-02-26 03:11:54
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The happy days take off when the author was hardly three years old. At the age of sixty, as a news columnist, the nostalgic days show his own style of emotional impact. His narration of the cosmos as a child sitting in mothers lap makes the reader younger by years. His vivid memories travel freely and end up just before his teenage. The way his youthful eyes captured all incidents dating back to his third birthday leave us spell bound. His schooldays of learning give an insight of the rural delights of summer homes even though old and ruined, appear elegant through his eyes.

His grandfathers death gave him joy to stay away from school. His fascination for police officers, food, literature and athletics sounds interesting. Many references to political exposition of his era appeared in contrast to the modernity. Throughout the memoirs, the author has described the actual growth of Baltimore and especially how the mobs of civil commotion were treated as superior professionals. His arguments with the acquaintance of his father, a French businessman is worth reading with a touch of practical jokes and imaginative comedy tones.

His depiction of his Aunt Sophie and her attire would project a lavish ancient fabric to be visualized. His lavish languishing through the pages of first steps in divinity, record of an athlete, career of philosopher, has stamped his boldness. His good vernacular no doubt made him a reputed columnist later in his career. All through the pages of his book, his voice remains a chronicle of his childhood days and proves to be a readers delight and especially for those who travel down memory lane. References H. L. Mencken, Happy Days: Menckens Autobiography: 1880-1892, John Hopkins University Press, 2006

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