The Necessity of Capital Punishment Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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The debate on the enforcement of the death penalty has never really acquired a full acceptance into the morality of people even in this country filled with various beliefs and moral standards. The fact is that a persons life is curtailed and a human being passes judgment on another human being. Once executed, the decision can never be revoked, therefore there is no room for any form of mistake. However, errors are a part of us being humans and we must always leave a certain margin to accommodate them.

People who support capital punishment argue that there are numerous reasons that must be considered, making the death penalty a more attractive alternative. It holds the promises of justice served while other needs are addressed. First is that it would be more economical to maintain a prison with less number of inmates. This number is proposed to be minimized by the use of the death penalty. Another is that when a person commits a crime against another, he must suffer a fate that would equate his victims or even worse. People must contemplate on the moral dilemma implicated by passing the death sentence.

Once the court has decided on the fate of a man, whether it be right or wrong is irrevocable. Perhaps those with deep anger due to the pain that crimes against them or their love ones do not see the fact that justice is not served when the wrong person is convicted. It would be a crime to send a person to the green mile if it was simply a matter of mistaken identity or other forms of errors committed by officials and witnesses. According to the article Injection of Reflection, there is a continuous decline of cases that impose the death penalty.

There are different issues on the question whether the procedure of the lethal injection is humane or not. But whatever method is employed, killing a man is not humane in any kind of way. Capital Punishment 3 The article has mentioned that since the period of Enlightenment, there had been calls for different methods in which people advocate for the prevention of pain infliction on any man. But for centuries people have failed to design a procedure that would achieve this advocacy. Many have used hanging, firing squad, gas chambers, electrocution and more that only proved to give convicts a painful death.

It is difficult to imagine the scenario reported in the article that a man vomited in the sight of the slow death of a prisoner killed in a gas chamber. Furthermore, circumstances such as sparks from the electrocuted mans head are quite inconceivable. Even with the onset of lethal injection, debates have flourished whether this indeed holds its promises. It promotes itself by telling everyone that this would provide death to a person in a manner that would not allow him to feel himself dying. However, reports have revealed that this is not always the case.

People were reported to have risen and say that the injection of the three-drug-cocktail is not working. Other instances told that the drugs were not properly injected causing the prisoner to suffer from chemical burns and to struggle with death of more than half an hour. Again, due to human error, this is not accomplished. People blame this to the inexperience of those who execute prisoners, but perhaps it is not simply the training itself but the moral standards that a person upholds that prevents him from performing his job properly.

It is never easy to put a man to his death, and knowing that one holds the drug to stop ones heart is not an easy task to be entrusted with. America is a country that is a melting pot of races, cultures, and religions. However, it is quite a dismal fact that discrimination is still rampant amongst peoples. These kinds of racial and religious biases prevents the passing of proper judgment, hence justice, to those accused of crime. A person can be sent to the death row simply because of the color of his skin or because of the religion he practices. Justice here is not served, only racial enmity.

Capital Punishment 4 This becomes a venue where discrimination is taken to a different level, where it curtails lives and kills innocents just because of prejudice against their origin. The capital punishment does not reflect justice but vengeance. Man should not put another mans life in his hands. If that was the crime committed of the accused then let him suffer from this crimes. But the victim must not commit the same against the perpetrator as it would only make the former another perpetrator of a crime, he himself and those who fought to pass the death sentence on the latter.

In a world where an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is glorified, it is filled with people blind and toothless. Countless of cases have been heard where innocent people were accused of a crime that they did not commit. If people allow anger to conquer them, it would only destroy them more than it would destroy their object of hate. People must not allow a world that tolerates crimes in any form. Capital punishment must be abolished, as it only becomes an instrument of revenge, or retaliation, of further suffering.

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