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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Whoever controls the media, controls the mind, Jim Morrison, once said. I, yet, consider that whoever controls celebrities of the media, such as famous entertainers and athletes, controls the younger individuals. I, personally, claim that the opinions of celebrities are more important to younger people than to older people. First of all, younger people often spend most of their leisure time to watch shows and performances of their adoring entertainers and athletes.

To be more specific, according to the Time magzine, there are more about thirty-five percent that juveniles utilize their relaxing time for watching television programs about their favorite entertainers and athletes than older people. For instance, I am a university student now and when I read newspaper and watch news in the television, I always concentrate on the part of entertainers and sportsmans. Moreover, during every school time, my classmates and I talk about our idols opinions as well as lives for a long time.

Hence, I think most of the younger people are affected by their adoring celebrities imperceptibly and more essential are the sentiments of them to younger individuals than to older individuals. Secondly, older people usually take no notice of entertainers and athletes. Namely, aged individuals often work hardly and focus truly on their jobs because they have to feed and support themselves and families, consequently, they have petty time to care about celebrities like superstars or excellent sports players.

For example, for a normal office staff, they have to work in the office for eight hours and for at least five days a week; they even have to deal with a great many of things after works so that they have little time to pay attention to entertainers and athletes Furthermore, if older individuals have some free time, they are more likely spend their time on politicians opinions and experts of finance and economics but not famous entertainers and athletes.

Therefore, since older people have little chances to get in touch with celebrities ideas, their opinions are less significant than to younger people. Last but not least, the ages of entertainers are closer to juveniles than older people. To illustrate, because of the closer age, entertainers are more familiar with what younger people think. As a result, they regard that entertainers know their real thinking and are far more willing to adopt their opinions than their parents or teachers.

Besides, younger people usually hold the views that the performances of famous entertainers and athletes such as Mariah Careys shows are fantastic and desirable, so they admire those superstars and whatever they say are like imperial edict in that they have to obey definitely. Therefore, it is the concepts of entertainers that are even more crucial to younger people than to older people. Undeniably, the opinions of celebrities may be more important to older people than to younger people in some aspects.

For example, older people may listen to warnings of entertainers they love such as that they have to take precautions against con artists and cannot be deceived by them. For another, older people may agree with those athletes they admire like Chien-ming Wang that they must exercise frequently to boost their blood circulation to be healthier. I, however, assert otherwise. Juveniles, after all, spend still more their spare time to watch a variety of performances of their favorite entertainers and athletes than aged people.

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