The potential effects of transition Essay

Published: 2019-11-30 13:52:28
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Understand the potential effects of transition of children and young peoples development. 5.1 Explain how the different types of transition can affect children and young peoples development. When it comes to times of transitions or change, a child or young person should be given the opportunity to talk about what is exactly is going to happen to them so that they can be prepared. In some cases such as bereavement this isnt always possible to do. When a child or young person is given some warning they get the opportunity to ask questions. This means any negative or harmful effects on their development can be reduced. There are a number of different types of transition. These may be: Emotional; A child or young persons emotions will be affected by their own personal experiences and the relationships they have with other people.

If a child or young persons experiences or relationships are unsettled or traumatic, they are more likely to have affected their emotional development. The child or young person may find it hard to establish trusting relationships with adults. They may be more immature than that of their peers or seek attention. Within younger children their emotions may be affected for a length of time after incidents which seem insufficient to other children, young people and adults. This can be the loss of a favourite toy or the loss of a family pet. Physical; This kind of change can simply mean that a child or young person is being asked to move to a different activity. This can be difficult for some to do if they are absorbed in the activity they are doing.

If this becomes a constant problem for the child or young person it can affect their development by not taking part in other activities or widening their experiences. Another example of what can be physical change could be the changing of school or moving house. The school should have had advance warning of these changes so they can discuss them with the child or young person. Physiological; A physiological transition is harder to manage for a child or young person as these happen over a longer period of time. Children and young people may not be aware of any underlining affects and they may also be a lot more sensitive to discussing them with an adult.

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