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Published: 2020-02-14 03:00:20
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Dell Studio 17 would be my choice for a laptop to purchase within a budget of GBP 700. Since I have been given a budget of GBP 700, I would be better off exhausting all of it, to the best hardware available at that cost. The operating system is windows Vista home premium, with the latest service pack installed. As far as I am concerned, I believe RAM is a very important part of the machine, and I would never want to compromise on it, which is why my machine would have 4 Gb of DDR2, ensuring that all my programs and softwares can run simultaneously and seamlessly.

The processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo, 2. 4 GHz with a bus speed of 1033MHz and 3mb of L2 Cache. This is a high end processor, and even though the cache may have been greater but I feel, being a student I would rather prefer more Ram, Hard Disk space, and other additional features and compromise a little on the processing power. All that being said, the processor is still one of the latest in the markets. 320 Gb Hard disk space would ensure I can stop worrying about the fact that if I store or download lots of music, movies and other softwares, my Hard Disk would soon run out of space.

320Gb is not mammoth, but its still good enough for a students use. The thing is, with a budget of GBP 700 pounds, once cannot go all out, and buy the best hardware available in the market, hence there are small compromises on several hardware that need to be made. Coming up to the entertainment part, the machine comes built in with a 256mb ATi Radeon graphics card, ensuring that all the graphic intensive display runs seamlessly on the machine, and also provides the machine support for various computer games, and HD movies.

Similarly, there is integrated HD Audio 2. 0, to maximize the experience of playing games and watching movies, with better sound quality. The 17 inch widescreen display would further enhance the experience of gaming and watching movies. The screen also has TrueLife feature which increases colour brightness and contrast, without being burdensome on the battery itself. The machine supports HDMI output, which very well may be the default output for the machines of tomorrow. The weight is 3. 57 Kg, ensuring its not too difficult to carry and handle.

There are 4 USB 2. 0 ports, allowing me to connect multiple external devices to the laptop. Moreover, Dell also offers me the option of making Payments on and after December 2009, which would be great, as by that time, I can test and run the machine, and can get it replaced incase there are any problems with it. Bibliography Dell UK. (n. d. ). Dell Studio 17 Laptop. Retrieved June 15, 2009, from http://www1. euro. dell. com/content/products/productdetails. aspx/laptop_studio_17? c=uk&l=en&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1&~oid=uk~en~20211~june_laptop_studio_17_n0673504~~

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