The Spinach Smoothie Preparation Process Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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The process of making a spinach smoothie is quite easy, if one allows themselves time for preparation. There are several steps involved in making a spinach smoothie. Washing and cleaning of the vegetables, portioning the correct amount of ingredients, and proper blending are all important steps in the making of a spinach smoothie. First, wash all of the fruits and vegetables thoroughly, being careful to remove all dirt from the spinach. If carrots are added, cut the ends off of the carrots and throw them away (you can peel the carrots if you like but leaving the skins on provides the most nutritional benefit).

Make sure to wash the outside of any waxy fruits and vegetables, such as celery, apples, etc. before blending to limit the amount of dirt and pesticide spray in the smoothie. I like to give my spinach a small chop before blending it. It tends to break down easier in the blender with the rest of the ingredients that way. If I add hard fruits, like an apple, I will cut up the apple into ? inch cubes so that its easier to blend. I have noticed that large chunks of apples placed into the blender tend to stay chunky throughout the smoothie. Frozen bags of berries tend to be the best bet for making an icy smoothie without diluting the contents.

Instead of using ice to make the smoothie cold, substitute in whatever frozen berries are palatable. If a creamier smoothie is preferred, use about a ? cup of plain greek yogurt per single serving. Greek yogurt is a great way to add protein to the smoothie and it blends nicely with the other ingredients. There are lots of people who enjoy a raw diet way of living. To make the smoothie raw diet friendly, adding almond or cashew milk instead of yogurt is an easy way to adhere to the restrictions. To sweeten it up the smoothie a bit, use Agave nectar instead of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Agave nectar is also raw diet and vegan friendly, plus it tastes great. Next, if there is a recipe for spinach smoothies that is preferred over another, make sure to follow it correctly. Just because a person prefers the taste of blueberries over spinach doesnt mean that they should take the recipe and double the amount of blueberries while halving the amount of spinach. There are nutritional reasons why theres a specific amount of fruits and vegetables in a single serving smoothie. For spinach smoothies in specific, spinach is high in B Vitamins, as well as Vitamin A, C, and K.

If the amount of spinach is reduced and more fruit is added, it will mess with the vitamin ratio and caloric intake of the smoothie. The spinach, apple, and carrot combination is also high in calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium in addition to the vitamins listed above. The fruit and veggie combination in liquid form is detoxifying for the body as well as a nutritional powerhouse. Now, lets focus on the blending process. Since the vegetables and fruits have been washed, chopped, and scrubbed back in the preparation process, its now time to add them to the blender. Start off by adding the liquid.

This gives the blender blades some lubrication to aid in blending the harder fruits and veggies to come. This liquid can be either the almond or cashew milk for raw diet fans, or it can be juice such as apple or orange juice. Sometimes, I add some of the Green Goddess juice by Odwalla as my liquid for an extra spinach kick! Now add the roughly chopped spinach. Follow the spinach with the frozen berries or whatever harder fruit has been selected. If greek yogurt is going to be added, add it after the fruit. To get the smoothest blend for the smoothie, start out in the chop mode for 30 seconds.

If there are only numbers on the blender, start out at blend level 4. After the 30 seconds have passed, push the pulse button 8-10 times in 1 second intervals. It may seem like a small step, but it really helps move the larger pieces of fruit and veggies down toward the blades. To finish the blending process, push the smoothie button on the blender and let it go for 50 seconds. The smoothie button is equivalent to a level 8 on a numerical blender. The smoothie should be well blended, void of any chunks of fruit or vegetables. The frozen berries should be incorporated completely, as well.

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