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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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The reason Personalities theories relating several trait and behavior were designed is to offer an explanation to the reason people differ. Today, we are considering a clarification of evident personality differences which will be based on age, gender and culture as explained by the theoretical provisions of Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, Albert Bandura, and Albert Ellis: The question to be answered by our four theorists is How would you explain apparent personality differences based on culture, gender, and age?

A Sigmund Feud theorist will initially lay emphasis on the importance of sexuality, i. e. paying attention to gender, and will apply every proposition unvaryingly to explain the culture and age personality differences. Since Freud believed that the conflict between id, ego, and superego (the three vital elements) can only be resolved with the aid of anxiety and defense mechanism, therefore, a Freud theorist will consistently attach the three personal difference (age, culture, and gender) to the differences in personal defense mechanism.

Albert Ellis takes Experience as the most important part of his theory. Since Ellis theory permits the discussion of age, cultural, and gender personality differences by laying emphasis on self-defeating and illogical belief of the person, which are the middle stages between negative emotions and activating experience. Thus, an Albert Ellis theorist will not assume that societal beliefs and humans belief are in conflict but will instead makes propositions that will make it seem that both are in mutual agreement.

An Albert Banduras theorist will examine the personality difference in age, culture, and gender by using the prism of self-evaluation mechanism and the models of observational learning while a Carl Rogers theorist will posit that that all creatures make every effort to make the very best of their existence and will see mental health as the normal progression of life, and he sees mental ill health, criminality, and other human predicaments, as an alterations of that natural trend.

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