These Strange Happenings Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Steadily the rain had started to fall down from the dark sky. The countless number of stars spread above the buildings, stars that could not be touched by human hands from the earth, shining down on us as though they were angels watching us. The sun was long gone and the houses were barely lit, rays of light only shining through the windows. I was bored today, nothing special had come to mind and all I could do was sit by the window of my house and watch the rain pouring down heavily onto the many houses and cars. Although Im 15, nearly turning 16 in a few days-time, there wasnt much to do for me as the normal teenage hobbies werent that fascinating and did not interest me as much as photography. My name is Felix and I currently live with my parents and my younger sister.

It was possibly around 7:00 p.m., mother had called me to the dining table to eat, and we were having spaghetti that night. I had a full stomach after that, and did not want any dessert later, I went upstairs to my room and shut the door behind me. My new room wasnt that big as we had just moved to Perth recently but it had enough space that my claustrophobia would not take effect. I had already unpacked my things right after we moved in, it was clean¦But it would soon get messy seeing as Im described as lazy, unorganised and untidy or so my parents say, but still my sister looks up to me. Thinking too hard makes me tired and I soon dozed off, slowly closing my eyes and falling onto my bed. I wake up where I had slept, looking out at the window and only seeing pitch black, I look back at my clock which was placed on my desk, only to see a few hours had passed. My stomach growled with hunger, so I stood up and grabbing hold of the cold, brown doorknob and turning it anti-clockwise I slowly push the door open.

As soon as the door opened fully, I looked around the hallway to see if any light was still on. A pitch black hallway stood in the way, and everyone seemed to be asleep¦But I was soon caught off guard from the noise of quiet footsteps, I quickly turned my head to the right and stared. Staring at someone rather unusual, a girl that looked by the age 6, no maybe 7, with dark hair that ran down to her hips like a river hastily running down a small mountain of rocks, she wore a bright, white dress that somehow was glowing brightly in the dark. One peculiar thing I noticed was that it seemed she had no emotion, she was slowly approaching me, slower and slower until she was at least two feet away from me, a discomforting and frightening look was frozen on her face, and as she suddenly smiled I started to tremble with fear.

She turned and continued walking, I was curious to see who she was, but I was afraid and so I followed her to where she walked down the stairs and she stopped at the kitchen table. My hands and legs were shaking nervously, the girls head turned slowly and slowly to face me, I stood still and was unable to move, I was too shocked to even run or walk, or even move my fingers. She opened her mouth¦And a loud, high-pitched scream came out, I was forced to scream thinking that this was it for me, I hoped that this was all just a dream.

My eyes shot open before I saw any more of that girl, my heart was racing and I was breathing short-heavy breaths. Sweat ran down my face and hands, wiping it off with the towel that laid on my bedside table I looked around the room, eyes wide, hoping I was back in my house and not in a dream. That was weird¦ Once again I checked the time, it was morning and the light barely shining through the window as the curtains still covered it. I tried to calm myself, so I laid there on my bed breathing normally trying to get my heartbeat to calm down as well.

I got up after a few minutes and walked down the stairs to the first floor of the house, everything seemed normal and peaceful. As I continued walking down and touched the bottom of a stairs, I noticed something rather odd. My mum was speaking in a different language, she was saying something over and over again¦Weird. Uh, mum are you alright? I asked her without letting her finish. She didnt answer back, but just kept on speaking in that weird language, something was out of place and I intend to find out whats happening. I set out with my sister to find the local library, luckily it was closer than I thought. Another thing that was strange was when we entered the library, the librarians looked at me with a discomforting stare, but it didnt matter. I managed to find information on ghosts and demons and headed back home.

It got pretty dark so I decided to run back, at first I thought I heard a scream coming from somewhere near my house, so I ignored it. But then another scream broke out, it sounded like a mans voice, it sounded like my dads and as I got worried I ran even quicker to see what was happening. I arrived at my house and rushing quickly for the brown doorknob, thinking that I was going to regret my actions¦I opened the door only to see a dark, red fluid running down to the doorsteps, I looked forward into the room only to face a mans body lying on the floor it was my dads. Blood continued to flow down his head and body as I walked up to the body, I fell down to my knees with my arms hanging beside me, No, no¦D-dad! I cried out hopelessly while trying to move my hand on my fathers face, I closed his eyes seeing as they were still open.

I was too scared to talk, and crying too much to even stop the tears from coming out of my eyes. And then I heard a croak, I turned my head left to face the entrance of the kitchen, and seeing my mum with blood stained on her clothes, and blood dripping down off the knife she was holding on her right hand. Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of myself and run for it, I ran to the second floor and straight to my room and locked the door. Breathing heavily, I had to think of where to hide, but it wouldnt do any good if she opened the door and looked everywhere in my room. But then I realised something that I hadnt realised before, my dad was holding an object that looked to be a pistol, Ive never had any experience with a gun as I was too young. I needed to find a way back to my dad and get the gun, but how¦

An idea came to my mind, I unlocked the door and waited until she came in, and as she stepped into the centre of the room I placed my blanket over her and was able to push her to the ground, allowing me to make an escape. It was a damn risky move, but I managed to grab the gun from my dads hand and waited until she followed. The moment finally came, as we both stood parallel to each other¦She charged at me and I had my finger on the trigger ready to shoot, but she was too quick and as she landed on me, I fell to the ground and a bang shot out. She had the knife above her head ready, but her hand opened and the knife dropped beside me. I pushed the body of my dear mother to the side and got up, saying to myself calmly, Its over. Its all finally over. I smiled and at the same time falling down beside my dead father and mother.

There I stood at the front of my house, all alone with no parents, my sister Macy was just a person of my imagination, a year ago I became mental and was put in a mental hospital for a few months, I made the person I call my sister to help cope with my illness. I picked up the boxes that had my belongings, got into a taxi and headed for Mirrabooka. Aunt Julie and Uncle Bruce were kind enough to take care of me until I was old enough to take care of myself. After all¦there was never anything to do in Perth.

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