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Published: 2020-02-25 19:40:02
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In the recent years, it has become the duty of the corporations to be responsible for the impact of their products towards the end-consumers. The tenets of corporate social responsibility have expanded liability towards the consumers and the consumption of the goods that are being sold by a company. The responsibility for the correction of a possible problem with regard to a product provides the companies with a greater degree of involvement. Likewise, the government has its own set of tasks in terms of legislating and implementing interventions to avoid the problems from occurring.

In discussing this, the case of the Ford Motor Companys vehicle, the Pinto, is used in order to illustrate an experience from which lessons can be learned. At the onset of the production of the Ford Pinto, the company has maintained its strict adherence towards the marketing strategy it first produced for the vehicle. The leader of the company, Lee Iacocca, pursued with the goal of manufacturing and selling a subcompact car in order to maintain its competitiveness in the market.

In order to make a grand entrance into the subcompact market, the Ford Pinto is forced to be born at a premature time. With such, the planning, designing, and the tooling process are held simultaneously instead of the latter occurring after the two are completed. As soon as the company found out that the safety of the consumers is at risk, they still refused to make the necessary changes due to costs associated with this and the firm stand of the leadership.

Appropriate consideration and careful planning regarding the design of the product should be maintained in order to keep the safety of the consumers at place. Besides, it is seen that there is no other purpose of product testing than to ensure the safety and appropriateness of the product for the goals of the consumers. While there is the greater tendency to look into the marketing aspects of the product, the long-term vision of a reputable and safe product should be taken into consideration. As for the part of the government, there are interventions that could be done.

From the experience of the Ford Pinto, the higher standards placed by the Canadian government regarding the rear-end of the cars to ensure safety for the drivers and other people on the road. With the additional requirements made by the Canadian government, it has been seen that safety has been ensured despite the lobbying of the manufacturers. The government has been given the power of regulation and the responsibility of ensuring the protection and safety of the citizens from whom its very powers came from.

The exercise of this should be noted and that rationality in giving the greater number the advantage over the minority should be maintained for order within the society. In recognition of this, both the private and the public sectors are required to work together in full cooperation to ensure the safety of the consumers. In the long run, it is more profitable to ensure the priceless life of human beings.

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