Tram Accident and Alcoholic Beverages Essay

Published: 2020-02-21 04:40:41
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Car accidents happen every day, and while some are inevitable, many are preventable. Although, in recent years, a number of innovative campaigns have been arranged to avoid car accidents, car crashes occur frequently. Mostly, car accidents occur due to rash and careless driving. Road accidents also happen sometimes due to disorderliness and lack of patience. So how can you prevent a car accident? The answer is very simple, use common sense and obey the rules of the road.

First step in order to avoid car accidents is not to drunk because being in under the influence of drugs or alcohol affects vision, reaction time and attention. the best decision is to Choose a designated driver, Decide who is going to drive before you go out, and make sure that person do not drink any alcoholic beverages. Furthermore you should call a taxi. . If nobody in your group is sober, take alternate transportation. Many of the fatal accidents are because of drunk driving. However, drunk driving is completely preventable.

Another important thing that should be considered is to put on seat belt while driving. Wearing seat belt would be annoying for many people. But, this is highly vital, as wearing seat belt would reduce the chances of road accidents. Not only drivers, passengers including adults and kids are also recommended to put on seat belt. This will reduce the risk of a serious injury if you are involved in a car accident.

These tips are all just common sense. They seem like such simple actions, but they can cause or prevent an accident. It just depends if the driver of the car, follow the rules of the road.

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