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Published: 2019-10-14 00:40:06
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There are three different types of learning styles. By taking a learning styles quiz, I found out that I am an auditory learner. This means I do best learning by hearing and listening. Now knowing that I am an auditory learner I can discover new techniques that will help me be more attentive and I can expand myself as a learner.

First, discovering new techniques as an auditory learner to be more attentive is easy. I was not surprised when I saw the list of usual things auditory learns do. I felt as if the learning style I was assigned to fit me perfectly. I am one who will hum or talk to themselves or others when bored, acquire knowledge by reading aloud, or sit where they can hear but neednt pay attention to what is happening in front. These are all things I do daily without even thinking about it. For example, every morning in my first period history class I will be typing the notes my teacher writes on the board but also working on other homework or looking things up. I need not to see what my teacher is doing. If just keep my ears open and listen, I believe I comprehend just as well as someone who sits in the front row and has all their attention focused on the teacher. I know that I am automatically immune to already doing some of these techniques, but I also know there are more tips that I can incorporate in my daily life to further myself for my future.

Next, expanding myself as an auditory learner can greatly help me in the near future. I can become a better reading by reading aloud as much as I can. Hearing myself say things aloud will help me remember a lot better than silent reading to myself. I can also become a better writer by repeating things after I have written them down on paper. If I read what I have written aloud, I will get a better view on if the right words are being used correctly in that specific sentence. Also I will get to hear if that sentence, paragraph, or even full essay sounds like Im doing well and staying on track. I tend to veer off subject sometimes, so I know that verbal repetition will be helpful for any upcoming school courses or even scholarships that I will need to write essays for. Verbalization is the key and in my situation knowing my key factor is going to help me expand my study skills and comprehension in school.

All in all, I have become aware of what different changes I can make for myself. Taking the learning styles quiz and realizing that I am an auditory learner helped me realize how I can better myself throughout my learning years. I can discover new techniques that will help me be more attentive and I can expand myself as a learner and for that I am grateful.

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