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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Most people have experienced some kind of formal education and the different kinds of students that they meet. Students all have different amounts of motivations when they arrive from school. Each student have their own priorities, personalities and interests. Despite the fact that students come in all kinds of shapes and sizes they can be identified in these categories: The Hard Worker, Slackers, and The Good Enough to Get By. Over Achievers The Hard Worker have several characteristics and habits that allow them to achieve standards or sometimes perform even better then the set standards.

This type of student usually goes to school early to ask any questions they may have on their homework to ensure they have the best grade possible. They are attentive and almost always willing to participate in class. The hard worker may not always have an A, but they will always try their best to do what is assigned to them. In addition, they are usually organized and tend to get things done on time and not one second late. Overall, the Hard Worker are very responsible and will always put forth their best effort. Slackers Slackers are very much different compared to Hard Workers.

They are often tarty to class or sometimes they do not even show up to class without an excuse. They sit in the far back of the class room dazed or not paying any attention to the teacher. Slackers do not put little or any effort in the assignments that are given to them. Also, they rarely hand their homework on time so they either dont hand it in at all or handing it late for a lesser grade. Slackers have the potential to be decent students, but they do not see the full picture of things and have certain motivations placed else where. Often, these students end up dropping out of school or class.

The Good Enough to Get By The Good Enough to Get By students will just do well enough to skim by. These students simply try to stay right above what is considered average to keep their parents happy or to simply pass. The Good Enough to Get By, to them, think t just something they get through. They usually do not feel strongly about learning, improving, or knowledge. They just want a D or better, and to get it by doing as little as possible. They never reach their potential because they lack the motivation or do not have full understanding to what their priorities are. Class Clown

Although the Class Clown may seem like a likable person, his or her behavior ends up causing interruption and distraction in the class. Often, the Class Clown may lighten the mood of the class with a funny remark or amusing story. Unfortunately, the Class Clown begins to turn the occasional joke into a joke about every three to five minutes. Sometimes, this ruins the flow of the curriculum. Despite, the constant interruptions created by the Class Clown, this student can both be successful or be disastrous in school. In conclusion, there are many types of students doing their part and not doing their part in the school system.

All of these types of students make the classroom what it is. Yeah of course a chaos free or; perfect class, would be ideal and everyone would learn more but something like that seems like a fantasy. It would make the school look remarkable if every student was on honor roll but society will always have its over achievers, slackers, the people doing just enough to make it by, and of course the jokers. It was mentioned that each of these students had their own interests, personalities, motivations, priorities, and ambitions; these are the attributes that make people what they are, these are the people that make the classroom what it is.

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